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Avodah Zarah 56

AVODAH ZARAH 56 - Dedicated by Barry Epstein of Dallas, Texas -- may the light of the Torah always illuminate and protect him and his entire family!


(a) (Mishnah): It is not considered wine until it descends to the pit.
(b) Contradiction (Mishnah): Wine is Tevel (forbidden to drink until Terumah is taken) after Kipuy (the grape skins float to the top and are removed).
(c) Answer (Rava): Our Mishnah is like Chachamim, the Mishnah about Tevel is like R. Akiva.
1. (Beraisa #1): Wine is Tevel after it descends to the pit;
2. R. Akiva says, it is Tevel after Kipuy.
(d) Question: Does R. Akiva refer to Kipuy in the pit, or in the barrel?
(e) Answer (Beraisa #2): Wine is Tevel after Kipuy; even after Kipuy, one may drink from the upper Gas or pipe without tithing.
1. Surely, this discusses Kipuy in the pit (if from the barrel, this has no effect on the Gas)!
(f) Question: But Rav Zevid taught, it is considered wine after it descends to the pit and Kipuy is done;
1. R. Akiva says, after he scoops it into barrels (and does Kipuy).
(g) Answer: This is the meaning of Beraisa #1!
1. (Chachamim say,) wine is Tevel after it descends to the pit (and Kipuy);
2. R. Akiva says, it is Tevel after Kipuy (and it was scooped into barrels).
(h) Question: But our Mishnah said that it is not wine until it descends to the pit;
1. Is there a three-way argument among the Tana'im?!
(i) Answer #1: No - our Mishnah discusses Yayin Nesech, we are stringent to consider it wine before it really is.

(j) Answer #2: According to Rava (who answered that our Mishnah is like Chachamim, the Mishnah of Tevel is R. Akiva), we are not more stringent about Yayin Nesech, we must say that there is a three-way argument among the Tana'im.
(k) (Mishnah): What descends to the pit is forbidden, the rest is permitted.
(l) (Rav Huna): This is only if he did not empty out the Gargusni (a bucket with a strainer at the bottom to catch the skins and peels and allow the wine to pass through) back into the Gas - if he did, this forbids the Gas.
(m) Question: What forbids the Gargusni itself?
(n) Answer #1: Because it is Nitzuk (a liquid falling through the air into another liquid, i.e. the wine in the pit).
(o) Inference: Nitzuk falling into something forbidden forbids the top liquid.
(p) Rejection (and Answer #2): Elsewhere, R. Chiya established the case to be a flask that was overflowing - also here, we can say that the pit was overflowing, it reached up to the bottom of the Gargusni.
(a) Question: May one stomp grapes with a Nochri?
(b) Answer (a learned six-year old): Yes.
(c) Question: But the Nochri will Menasech the wine (forbidding benefit from it, i.e. wages for stomping)!
(d) Answer: The case is, the Nochri's hands are tied.
(e) Question: The Nochri will Menasech with his foot!
(f) Answer: That is not the normal way to Menasech, it does not forbid benefiting from the wine.
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