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Avodah Zarah 10


(a) What did the Rabbanan say to Rava with regard to the Sh'tar Chov that came before them that was pre-dated by six years? Which kingdom was written in the Sh'tar?

(b) What were the ramifications of this ruling?

(c) What did Rav Nachman tell them? What is a 'Safra Dukna'?

(a) Which basic principle did Rav Acha bar Ya'akov query with regard to Rav Nachman's ruling? How did he suggest the Sofrim dated their Sh'taros?

(b) According to Rav Acha's theory, was the Sh'tar Me'uchar, or was it valid immediately?

(c) What led him to believe that such a thing was possible? Why did the discrepancy between the two dates not prove him wrong?

(d) What did Rav Nachman reply?

(e) How Rav Acha discover that Rav Nachman was not just pushing him off?

(a) Ravina substantiates Rav Nachman's statement still further, from the Mishnah in Rosh Hashanah. How does Rav Chisda explain the Tana's statement there 'be'Echad be'Nisan Rosh Hashanah li'Melachim ... '?
What is the significance of that statement?

(b) How do we reconcile this with the same Mishnah 'be'Echad be'Tishri Rosh Hashanah le'Shanim' (which Rav Chisda also establishes by Sh'taros)?

(c) How have we now refuted Rav Acha Bar Ya'akov's Kashya?

(a) Based on Rav Yehudah's interpretation of 'Yom Genusya' as coronation day, how do we initially explain the Beraisa 'Yom Genusya ve'Yom she'Ma'amidin Bo es Malkom'?

(b) This presents a problem however, due to the Pasuk in Ovadyah.
What do we learn from the Pasuk (with reference to the Romans) ...

  1. ... "Hinei Katon Nesatich"?
  2. ... "Bazuy Atah Me'od"?
(c) How do we therefore try to re-interpret 'Yom Genusya'?

(d) What problem do we still even after we explain the Beraisa 'Yom Genusya ve'Yom ha'Leidah' like we explained a moment ago 'Ha Dideih, Ha de'Berei'?
What does another Beraisa say?

(a) So we re-establish 'Yom Genusya' to mean coronation day, and the Beraisa means 'Ha Didei, Ha di'Berei'.
How do we get round the Pasuk 'Hinei Katon Nesaticha'?

(b) Which two favors did Antoninus want from the Senate?

(c) Why did he approach Rebbi for advice? What problem did he face?

(d) What did Rebbi mean to answer him when he brought before him one man riding on the back of another, and the man at the bottom told the one on top to send away the bird he was holding?

(a) What did Rebbi mean when, in response to Antoninus query what to do about the Roman dignitaries who were causing him trouble, he pulled out one radish each day from the ground?

(b) Why did Rebbi find it necessary to answer Antoninus by way of hint? Why did he not answer him ...

  1. ... directly?
  2. ... in a whisper?
Answers to questions



(a) Why did Antoninus send Rebbi ...
  1. ... a plant called Gargira, and why did Rebbi send him back Kusbarta (coriander)?
  2. ... Karsi (leek) and why did Rebbi send him back Chasa (lettuce)?
(b) When Antoninus sent Rebbi a leather sack full of gold every day, how did he ensure that it was not discovered?

(c) What was his response, when Rebbi claimed that he did not need them because he was a rich man?

(a) How did Antoninus visit Rebbi undetected each day? What was the purpose of his visit?

(b) What would he do with the two guards that he posted, one at the entrance and one at the exit?

(c) What was Rebbi's response when Antoninus discovered Rebbi Chanina bar Chama there, despite his instructions that Rebbi was to have no man with him when he arrived?

(d) How did Antoninus put Rebbi Chanina to the test?

(a) What was ...
  1. ... Rebbi Chanina's reaction when he found that the man was dead?
  2. ... Antoninus reaction when Rebbi Chanina returned with the guard?
(b) Who took over from Rebbi Chanina to serve Rebbi?

(c) What would Antoninus do when Rebbi wished to go and lie down?

(d) What did he retort when Rebbi told that it was undignified for a king to behave like that?

(a) What did Rebbi reply when Antoninus asked him whether he would receive a portion in Olam ha'Ba?

(b) And what did he reply when he quoted him the Pasuk ...

  1. ... in Ovadyah "Lo Yih'yeh Sarid le'Veis Eisav"?
  2. ... in Yechezkel (in connection with Gehinom) "Shamah Edom Melachehah ve'Chol Nesi'ehah"?
(c) What did Rebbi also extrapolate from "Kol Nesi'ehah"?

(d) To which important dignitary does an independant Beraisa attach this D'rashah?

(a) What advice did the important men of Rome offer the Emperor when he asked what one does with a painful growth on one's leg? What was referring to?

(b) What did Keti'a bar Shalom have in mind when he quoted the Pasuk in Zecharyah (in connection with Yisrael) "Ki ke'Arba Ruchos ha'Shamayim Perasti Eschem"?

(c) What title would a nation without any Jews be given?

(d) Why did he not want to explain the Pasuk to mean that Hashem scattered Yisrael to all the four corners of the earth?

(a) What was the Emperor's reaction to Keti'a bar Shalom's statement?

(b) What caused Keti'a to fall on his male organ and remove the Orlah, as he was being led to his death?

(c) How did Rebbi Akiva interpret Keti'a's announcement bequeathing his property to 'Rebbi Akiva and his colleagues'?

(d) He based this ruling on Chazal's interpretation of the Pasuk "Va'hayah le'Aharon u'le'Vanav".
What is the Pasuk talking about?

(e) What are the ramifications of this D'rashah regarding ...

  1. ... the Lechem ha'Panim?
  2. ... the Sh'tei ha'Lechem on Shavu'os?
(a) What happened after Keti'a bar Shalom's death, that caused Rebbi to cry?

(b) Why did he cry?

(c) What did Rebbi announce after Antoninus death (and Rav after the death of Adrechan, a Nochri dignitary who served him like Antoninus served Rebbi)?

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