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Avodah Zarah 21


(a) Rebbi Meir in our Mishnah forbids to Nochrim a house in Eretz Yisrael.
Why is that?

(b) May one rent him a field?

(c) What will be the equivalent Din ...

  1. ... in Syria?
  2. ... in Chutz la'Aretz?
(d) Rebbi Yossi permits renting him a house in Eretz Yisrael, and in Chutz la'Aretz even selling him a field.
What does he hold with regards to Syria?
(a) How does the Tana qualify renting a house to a Nochri, even where it is permitted?

(b) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Va'eschanan "ve'Lo Savi So'eivah el Beisecha"?

(c) Renting a Nochri a bathhouse is never permitted.
Why is that?

(a) Which Isur do both selling a Nochri a house and selling him a field share?

(b) Which additional Isur pertains to selling him a field?

(c) How does Rav Mesharshaya explain why, by the same token, a house does not also have the additional Isur of depriving it of the Mitzvah of Mezuzah?

(d) From where do we know that?

(a) Rebbi Meir forbids selling a house to a Nochri in Syria on account of the prohibition of doing so in Eretz Yisrael.
Why does he not also forbid renting it to him for the same reason?

(b) What problem do we have with this answer from the Din of renting him a field there?

(c) How do we now answer the Kashya, based primarily on the status of Syria in this regard?

(d) And why does Rebbi Meir then forbid selling him a field in Chutz la'Aretz, but not a house?

(a) Why does Rebbi Yossi forbid renting a Nochri a field in Eretz Yisrael, but not a house?

(b) And why did he forbid the sale of a house in Syria, but not of a field?
In which point does Rebbi Yossi disagree with Rebbi Meir regarding Syria?

(c) Then why does he limit the decree to Syria? Why does he not extend it to Chutz la'Aretz?

(d) Like whom does Rav Yehudah Amar Shmuel rule?

(a) How does Rav Yosef qualify the Heter to sell a house to a Nochri in Syria or in Chutz la'Aretz? What is a Shechunah?

(b) Why are we not afraid that, after selling a large property to a Nochri, he will go and re-sell two-thirds of it to two more Nochrim?

(c) We learned in our Mishnah 'Af be'Makom she'Amru Le'haskir, Lo le'Beis Dirah Amru ... '.
Why must the author of this S'tam Mishnah be Rebbi Meir?

Answers to questions



(a) The author of our Mishnah forbidding renting one's bathhouse to a Nochri under any circumstances, is Raban Shimon ben Gamliel, who elaborates in a Beraisa.
What reason does he give for this prohibition?

(b) What do we infer from the fact that he mentions specifically ...

  1. ... a Nochri? Whom does this preclude?
  2. ... doing work on Shabbos and Yom-Tov?
(c) What is the reason for the distinction between a Nochri and a Kuti? Why are we not afraid that the Kuti will heat the water on Shabbos?
(a) We ask on this however, why it should not be forbidden to rent to a Kuti on Chol ha'Mo'ed? Why should Chol ha'Mo'ed be more stringent in this regard than Shabbos and Yom-Tov?

(b) What do we answer?

(c) Renting a field to a Nochri in Chutz la'Aretz however, is permitted. Why are we not afraid that there too, people will suspect the owner of having hired Sheluchim to work for him on Shabbos?

(d) Then why will they not say the same with regard to a bathhouse?

(a) On what grounds does Rebbi Shimon ben Elazar in another Beraisa forbid renting a field to a Kuti?

(b) This implies however, that one may rent it to a Nochri.
Why can the reason for that not be because people will assume him to be an Aris, who is working basically for himself?

(c) Then what is the reason for the Heter with regard to a Nochri?

(d) Why do we not then say the same with regard to a Kuti?

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