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Avodah Zarah 58


(a) What was Rava's reaction to Rav Huna b'rei de'Rav Nachman's arrival in Mechuza? What did he instruct his Shamash Rav Elyakim, to do?

(b) When Rav Huna b'rei de'Rav Nachman entered, he asked Rava what he held in the case of a Nochri who stirred wine, though not as an act of worship (the case over which they had previously argued), what did he reply?

(c) And what did he reply when Rav Huna b'rei de'Rav Nachman queried him from his previous ruling?

(d) Why did he say that?

(a) The truth of the matter is that Rava was forced to retract from his original ruling.
Who forced him to retract?

(b) How did Rava respond initially when Abaye quoted him Shmuel in Neherda'a and Rebbi Yochanan in Teverya, who forbade the wine be'Hana'ah?

(c) And how did Abaye counter Rava's argument?

(a) Abaye also asked Rava from a Beraisa. The Tana there discusses the case of a Nochri wine inspector who pierced a hole in a barrel of wine with his straw and tasted the wine.
What is the second case cited by the Tana?

(b) What does the Tana rule in both cases?

(c) How did Rava try to refute Abaye's proof from the Beraisa? How did he attempt to explain 've'Asruhu' to conform with his original ruling?

(a) Abaye prove him wrong however, from the Seifa.
What does the Seifa say about a case where a Nochri Charam (a trouble-maker, who would act first, and think later) placed his hand into a barrel of wine, thinking that it contained oil?

(b) Why were they more lenient in this case than in the Reisha?

(c) How does this prove Rava wrong once and for all?

(a) What happened once when Rebbi Yochanan ben Arza and Rebbi Yossi ben Nahara'i asked a passer-by to pour them out a drink of wine?

(b) Two men, two opinions!
What were the two opinions?

(c) How did Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi justify the one who ...

  1. ... forbade the wine even be'Hana'ah?
  2. ... even permitted drinking it?
Answers to questions



(a) How come that the Nochri did not ...
  1. ... see that the liquid was wine and not beer?
  2. ... smell that it was wine?
(b) We ask why, when the Nochri scooped wine with a jug from the barrel, to pour it into the cups, he did not render the wine Asur because of Maga she'Lo be'Kavanah, which we have already learned, is Asur.
Why would that apply here, seeing as he did not actually touch the wine?

(c) What do we answer? How did he transfer the wine from the barrel into the cups? Why was that not a problem according to one opinion?

(d) Then why did the other opinion forbid it?

(a) Rebbi Asi asked Rebbi Yochanan 'Yayin she'Mascho Mahu'.
How did Rebbi Yochanan amend his She'eilah? What ought Rebbi Asi to have asked?

(b) What did Rebbi Yochanan counter when Rebbi Asi explained that the Lashon he had used was based on the Pasuk in Mishlei "Tavchah Tavchah Maschah Yeinah"?

(c) On what basis did Rebbi Yochanan forbid drinking it?

(d) Then why did he not also forbid it be'Hana'ah?

(a) What was Rebbi Yochanan's reaction when he arrived in Savta and saw that they were drinking wine which had been diluted by Nochrim?

(b) What did Rebbi Yirmiyah rule when exactly the same thing happened to him?

(a) What did Resh Lakish rule when he arrived in Batzrah and saw the people ...
  1. ... eating fruit without Ma'asering it?
  2. ... drinking river water to which Nochrim had prostrated themselves?
(b) What did Rebbi Yochanan instruct Resh Lakish to do when he informed him of what he had done?

(c) What was Resh Lakish's mistake in ...

  1. ... obligating the fruit of Batzrah to be Ma'asered?
  2. ... forbidding the river water to which Nochrim had prostrated themselves?
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