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Chulin 99

CHULIN 99 - sponsored by Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald of Lawrence NY, in honor of his father, David ben Aharon ha'Levy Rosenwald of blessed memory.


(a) Answer #2 (Rava): The Beraisa says that Ta'am of the Zero'a (absorbed in the ram) is Batul; Ta'am of other Kodshim is not Batul.
1. Question: Why don't we learn to other cases?
2. Answer: Regarding Chatas it says "Whatever touches its flesh will become forbidden" - the other food becomes like the Chatas (even if it only absorbed a tiny amount.)
i. If the Chatas was Pasul, the other food may not be eaten; if it was Kosher, the food has all the stringencies of a Chatas (it may be eaten only by Tahor male Kohanim in the Mikdash until morning.)
3. Question: Why do we learn from a Chatas and not from the Zero'a?
4. Answer: The Zero'a is a Chidush, so we may not learn from it.
5. Question: If so, we should not learn 60 or 100 parts are needed for Bitul!
6. Answer: We may not learn leniencies from a Chidush, we may learn stringencies;
i. Mid'Oraisa, even with a simple majority we ignore the minority!
(b) Answer #3 (Ravina): The place where Zero'a is cut (towards the body) is permitted; if any other Isur (Tosfos - of Chulin), was cut off, we may not eat the place of the cut.
(a) Question (against Rav Shmuel bar Yitzchak - Abaye): Is it really true that Isurim are Batul in 100?!
1. (Mishnah): If Terumah fermented or seasoned Chulin or was cooked with Chulin:
i. Min b'Mino, we are always stringent;
ii. Min b'Eino Mino, we are sometimes lenient, sometimes stringent.
2. (Seifa): An example of Min b'Eino Mino - Terumah beans were cooked with Chulin lentils:
i. If the beans gave Ta'am to the lentils, whether or not there is 101 (times as much mixture as beans), the lentils must be eaten like Terumah.
ii. If the beans didn't give Ta'am, whether or not there is 101, the lentils are like Chulin.
iii. Suggestion: 'Whether or not there is 101', 60 suffices to Mevatel!

(b) Answer (Rav Dimi): No, there is 100.
(c) Question: The Reisha discusses 100, implying that the Seifa discusses something else, i.e. 60!
1. (Reisha): Min b'Mino, we are always stringent:
i. If Se'or (sourdough, used to ferment) of (Terumah) wheat fell into a dough of wheat, and it is large enough to ferment it, whether or not there is 101, we must treat the dough like Terumah;
ii. If we do not have 101 times more, whether or not the Se'or is enough to ferment the dough, we must treat the dough like Terumah.
2. (Summation of question): Can both parts of the Mishnah discuss 100 (parts of Heter (which equals 101 parts of mixture) per part of Isur?! If so, Min b'Mino is no different than Min b'Eino Mino!)
(d) Answer: No, the Reisha discusses 101 parts of Heter, the Seifa discusses 101 parts of mixture.
(e) Question: When the Se'or is able to ferment the dough, why don't 101 parts of dough Mevatel it?
(f) Rav Dimi had no answer.
(g) Answer (Abaye): Perhaps Se'or is more stringent, because it is a potent fermenting agent.
(h) Support (Rav Dimi): R. Yosi bar Chanina taught, the quantities needed to Mevatel different foods varies:
1. Fish brine requires 192 parts of Heter.
i. (Mishnah): The brine of Tamei fish is forbidden;
ii. R. Yehudah says, one Revi'is forbids a mixture of two Sa'im (192 Reviyos.)
iii. Question: But R. Yehudah holds that Min b'Mino is never Batul!
iv. Answer: Brine is an exception, it is a mere secretion (it is only forbidden mid'Rabanan.)
(a) (Mishnah): How do we estimate...
(b) (Rav Huna): We see if meat (equal in volume to the Gid) would give taste to heads (Tosfos - roots) of turnips (equal in volume to the thigh it was cooked with.)
(c) Our Mishnah is unlike the following Tana:
1. (Beraisa - R. Yishmael, son of R. Yochanan ben Brokah): The Gid ha'Nasheh has no Ta'am.
(d) A man asked R. Chanina about a food cooked with the Gid, he permitted it. R. Yehudah bar Zevina was standing outside; he told the man to ask again.
1. R. Chanina: Whoever told you to ask again, tell him that the Gid has no Ta'am.
(e) When people asked R. Ami about such cases, he would send them to R. Yitzchak ben Chalov, who permits like R. Yehoshua ben Levi;
1. R. Ami himself held that it has Ta'am and forbids (but he did not want to rule against R. Yehoshua ben Levi.).
(f) The Halachah is, the Gid has no Ta'am.
(g) (Mishnah): If a Gid ha'Nasheh was cooked with other Gidim ...
(h) Question: It should be Batul in the majority!
(i) Answer: It is a Briyah, it is never Batul.
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