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Chulin 110


(a) Question (Beraisa): If an udder was cooked with its milk inside, it is permitted;
1. That is only b'Diavad (why would Rav Nachman intentionally do so?)!
(b) Answer: Really, it is even l'Chatchilah; since the Seifa discusses (and forbids, even b'Diavad) a stomach that was cooked with the milk inside, the Reisha also says 'was cooked'.
(c) R. Elazar: Did anyone teach Rav that an udder (that was cooked without tearing it) is forbidden?
(d) Version #1 - Rav Kahana - Rav Yitzchak bar Avodimi: I did not teach that to him at all! Rather, he saw that people in Tatalfush cooked meat with milk, so he decreed this stringency.
(e) Version #2 - R. Yosi bar Aba - Rav Yitzchak bar Avodimi: I taught him that an udder of a nursing cow (that was cooked without tearing it) is forbidden; the Mishnah discusses an udder of a cow that is not nursing;
1. R. Chiya taught Rav that an udder (that was cooked without tearing it) is forbidden - he expected Rav to realize that applies only to a nursing cow;
2. Rav thought that it applies to all udders.
(f) Rav Papi hosted Ravin and Rav Yitzchak bar Yosef. He served a dish with udders; Rav Yitzchak ate, Ravin would not eat.
1. Abaye: Ravin should have eaten! Rav Papi's father-in-law, R. Yitzchak Nafcha, is very careful in his deeds - if Rav Papi served it, surely he relied on what his father-in-law taught him.
(g) In Sura, people did not eat udder; in Pumbadisa, they would eat it.
(a) Rami bar Tamri was from Pumbadisa; he came to Sura on Erev Yom Kipur, and saw everyone discarding udders. He gathered them and ate them.
1. Rav Chisda: Why did you do so?
2. Rami bar Tamri: I come from Rav Yehudah's area, where we eat udder.
3. Rav Chisda: But a person must observe the stringencies of where he comes from and where he is staying!
4. Rami: I ate them oustide the Techum (the area surrounding the city, it is considered an extension of the city).
5. Rav Chisda: What fuel did you use to cook them?
6. Rami: I used grape skins.
7. Rav Chisda: Perhaps they were from Nochrim (and are forbidden like wine poured to idolatry)!
8. Rami: They were over 12 months old (dry grape skins are not forbidden).
9. Rav Chisda: Perhaps they were stolen!
10. Rami: The owners despaired from them (so they were Hefker) - they were moldy and growing prickly hairs.
11. Rav Chisda: Why aren't you wearing Tefilin?
12. Rami: I have a stomach sickness - Rav Yehudah exempts such a person.
13. Rav Chisda: Why don't you have Tzitzis on your garment?
14. Rami: It is borrowed - Rav Yehudah exempts a borrowed garment for 30 days.

(b) A man was being tied to be lashed for not honoring his parents.
1. Rami: Release him - a Beraisa teaches, Beis Din does not punish for a Mitzvas Ase if its reward is stated in the Torah.
2. Rav Chisda: You are very sharp!
3. Rami: There are people in Pumbadisa, Rav Yehudah's area, sharper than myself.
(a) Abaye sent Rav Safra to ask (in Eretz Yisrael) if (R. Tam - unsalted) liver may be cooked (in a pot).
(b) Rav Zerika: I cooked liver for R. Ami, and he ate it.
(c) Abaye: I knew that the liver itself is permitted - I wanted to know if it forbids what it is cooked with.
(d) Rav Safra: You knew from a Mishnah that the liver itself is permitted - the same Mishnah forbids what it is cooked with!
1. (Mishnah): Liver forbids what it is cooked with, but it itself remains permitted, because it emits (blood), but does not absorb.
(e) Abaye: Perhaps only a forbidden liver (e.g. of a Tereifah) forbids other food because it emits forbidden fat, but a permitted liver does not forbid (on account of blood), nor does it become forbidden.
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