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Prepared by Rabbi P. Feldman
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Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Chulin 142


(a) (Mishnah): One may not take a mother on her young even to be Metaher a Metzora.
(b) Regarding Shilu'ach ha'Ken, an easy Mitzvah which entails a loss of about an Isar (the value of the mother), it says "Lema'an Yitav Lach v'Ha'arachta Yomim" - all the more so regarding difficult Mitzvos!
(c) (Gemara - Beraisa - R. Yakov): Every Mitzvah for which the Torah writes its reward, it is [also] rewarded by Techiyas ha'Mesim.
1. It says about honoring parents "Lema'an Ya'arichun Yamecha u'Lema'an Yitav Lach";
2. It says about Shilu'ach ha'Ken "Lema'an Yitav Lach v'Ha'arachta Yamim."
3. Question: If a man asked his son to bring him eggs from the top of a building, and the son did so (sending the mother first) and died on his way down, where is the length of days and goodness that the Torah promises for these two Mitzvos?!
4. Answer: It must be, "Lema'an Ya'arichun Yamecha" refers to the world [to come] that is eternal;
i. "u'Lema'an Yitav Lach" refers to the world [to come] that is all good.
5. Question: Perhaps [the reward is in this world, therefore] such an event would never occur!
6. Answer: R. Yakov saw such an event.
7. Question: Perhaps the son had sinful thoughts at the time (and was punished for them)!
8. Answer: Hash-m does not punish [Yisrael] for thoughts, only for sinful actions.
9. Question: Perhaps the son had idolatrous thoughts at the time (Yisrael are punished for thoughts of idolatry)!
i. (Rav Acha bar Yakov): "Lema'an Tefos Es Beis Yisrael b'Libam" - this refers to thoughts of idolatry.
10. Answer: R. Yakov reasons - if the reward for Mitzvos was in this world, it should have saved him from having these thoughts which caused his death.
i. Rather, the reward for Mitzvos must be in the world to come.
11. Question: But R. Elazar taught, harm will not befall someone on the way to do a Mitzvah!
12. Answer #1: He can be harmed on the way back.
13. Rejection: R. Elazar taught, harm will not befall someone on the way to do a Mitzvah or on the way back!
14. Answer #2: He went down a rickety ladder - the above law does not apply to a dangerous situation;
i. "Shmuel said "Eich Elech v'Shoma Sha'ul va'Horagani'" (he was concerned for danger, even though Hash-m told him to anoint David, a Mitzvah)!
(d) (Rav Yosef): If Acher had expounded these verses like his grandson R. Yakov, he would not have become a heretic.
(e) Question: What did he see that broke his faith?
(f) Answer #1: He saw an incident like R. Yakov saw.
(g) Answer #2: He saw the tongue of R. Chutzpis the translator (who was among the ten great Chachamim killed by Romi) in a wasteheap;
1. Acher was appalled that the tongue which spoke Torah so wondrously was not protected from such an end;
2. He did not know that "Lema'an Ya'arichun Yomecha" - refers to the world that is eternal, "U'Lma'an Yitav Lach" refers the world that is all good.

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