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Kesuvos 63

1) [line 1] KA MADBARAS ALMENUS CHAYIM - you are acting like a widow in her husband's lifetime

2) [line 1] IY L'DIDI TZAYIS - if he would listen to me
3) [line 6] SHIVEVASA - neighbors
4) [line 7] SHE'ILI MANEI - borrow clothes
5) [line 7] LEVOSH V'ICHSAI - dress yourself up
6) [line 8] KI MATYA L'GABEI - when she approached him
7) [line 9] KA MENASHKA LEI L'CHAR'EI - she started kissing his feet
8) [line 9] HAVU KA MEDCHEFI LAH SHAM'EI - his aide tried to push her away
9) [line 12] EFSHAR D'MEFER NIDRAI - perhaps he can annul by vow [forbidding my daughter to benefit from my properties]

10) [line 18] RECHEILA BASAR RECHEILA AZLA - a ewe follows a ewe (see next entry)
11) [line 18] K'OVADEI IMAH KACH OVADEI BERATA - as the mother does, so does the daughter

12) [line 19] SHADREI AVUHI L'VEI RAV - his father sent him to a Yeshiva
13) [line 22] EIZIL V'ICHZINHU L'INSHEI BEISI - let me go visit my family
14) [line 23] SHAKAL MANA V'NAFAK L'APEI - he took a weapon and went to confront him

15) [line 23] ZONASCHA (Girsa of the Ein Yakov - ZUGASCHA) NIZKARTA? - You remembered your wife?

16) [line 24] YONASCHA NIZKARTA? - You remembered your love?
17) [line 24] ITRUD - they became distracted [by the confrontation]
18) [line 24] LO MAR IFSIK, V'LO MAR IFSIK - neither ate the Se'udah ha'Mafsekes (it was Erev Yom ha'Kipurim)

19) [line 24] HA'MOREDES - a woman who rebels
20) [line 26] TARPE'IKIN - a half-Dinar coin
21) [line 30] LECHAYEI - it is good (the Mishnah makes sense)
22) [line 32] V'LAV L'IMLUCHEI BEI BA'I - and need we not ask him [to consider withdrawing his actions]? (and in the meantime we add to her Kesuvah)


23) [line 8] CHAZRU V'NIMNU - [at a meeting of scholars,] they reconsidered [the Halachah] and took a tally

24) [line 20] HAI BURCHA - that is (a) improper (RASHI) ; (b) ignorance (ARUCH)
25) [line 23] NIMLACHIN BAH - we ask her [to consider withdrawing her actions] (and in the meantime we subtract from her Kesuvah)

*26*) [line 24] BA'INA LEI U'METZA'ARANA LEI - I want to remain married [unless he gives me my Kesuvah upon divorcing me], and I am rebelling simply in order to punish him (for something he did in which he wronged me) (see TOSFOS, top of 64a, RAMBAM Hilchos Ishus 14:9)

*27*) [line 25] KAIFINAN LAH - we force her to retract by not having her husband divorce her. (According to RABEINU TAM in Tosfos DH Aval, this means that we cause the husband not to divorce her. We inform him that even though she is ready to forego the Kesuvah, he must give her a Kesuvah if he divorces her. This will prevent him from divorcing her, since he will not want to pay out the Kesuvah. According to others, cited by TOSFOS ibid., this means that we do not *force* the husband to divorce her, as opposed to Ameimar who maintains that we may *force* the husband to divorce her. See Insights)

28) [line 26] V'ACHPAH MAR ZUTRA - Mar Zutra forced her
29) [line 27] HAVAH TEFISA CHAD SHIRA - she seized one coat that was part of her dowry

30) [line 29] BELA'OSEHA KAYAMIN - her worn out clothing that was still in existence
31) [line 30] MECHANFISU LEI - you are favoring him

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