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Menachos 36

MENACHOS 36 - dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Ra'anana, Israel, and his wife. May they be blessed with long years of health and happiness, and may they see all of their children and grandchildren follow them in Torah and Yir'as Shamayim!

1) [line 1] SACH BEIN TEFILAH LI'TEFILAH - one who spoke in between putting on the Tefilah Shel Yad and the Tefilah Shel Rosh

2) [line 8] MEVARECH SHTAYIM - he makes two Berachos [on the Tefilah Shel Rosh]

3) [line 10] V'CHOZER ALEHA ME'ORCHEI HA'MILCHAMAH - and due to this sin he will be sent away from the army (see Background to Zevachim 102:6d)

4) [line 18] ASBERA LI - explained it to me
5) [line 22] MEMESHMESH BAHEN - he moves them slightly
6) [line 23] AD SHE'TISHKA HA'CHAMAH - until sunset
7) [line 23] SHE'TICHLEH HA'REGEL MIN HA'SHUK - until people leave the marketplace, i.e. until everyone goes home for the night

8) [last line] MATZLU BEHU B'URTA - they prayed in the evening [Tefilas Arvis] wearing them (Tefilin)


9) [line 2] HA'HI PELIGA - that source (the opinion of Rav Nachman) argues with the opinions of Rav Chisda and Rabah bar Rav Huna

10) [line 4] CHOLETZ - to take off the Tefilin
11) [line 6] LAILAH ZEMAN TEFILIN - the Mitzvah of Tefilin is meant to be performed also at night

12) [line 8] DEME'HEICHA D'MIMA'ATA SHABBOS - for from the same verse that excludes Shabbos

13) [line 13] NAFKA LEI - [actually, Rabah bar Rav Huna rules that Lailah Zeman Tefilin;] he excludes it (Shabbos) [through the same teaching as Rebbi Akiva]

14) [line 17] SHE'HEN GUFAN OS - that they themselves are a "sign" (a special reminder of the covenant between HaSh-m and Yisrael)

15) [line 19] KOL MAKOM SHE'NE'EMAR HISHAMER PEN V'AL EINO ELA LO SA'ASEH - every verse that contains one of the words, "Hishamer," "Pen" or "Al" is a negative commandment (as in the verse prohibiting one to cut off his Baheres -- see previous entry)

16a) [line 22] HISHAMER D'LAV LAV - the word "Hishamer" associated with a prohibition is a negative commandment
b) [line 22] HISHAMER D'ASEH ASEH - the word "Hishamer" associated with an action is a positive commandment

17) [line 23] L'SHAMRAN - to protect them
18) [line 24] V'CHASHACH - and it became dark
19) [line 25] V'CHAZISEI L'DA'ATEI - and I realized that he was of the opinion [that there was another reason for him wearing his Tefilin besides l'Shamran]

20) [line 25] HALACHAH V'EIN MORIN KEN - this is the Halachah but if an individual asks this question (even a Talmid Chacham) we do not give him this ruling. If someone acts in accordance with this ruling, we need not correct him

21) [line 26] L'MASHMESH - to move them slightly to keep one's mind on them

22) [line 27] TZITZ
The Tzitz is one of the eight Bigdei Kehunah of the Kohen Gadol. It is a thin gold plate on which was written "Kodesh la'Sh-m," and is worn on the forehead (Shemos 28:36-38; see Charts to Shabbos 63b). The Kohen Gadol was required to constantly keep his mind on it.

23) [line 27] AZKARAH - any name of HaSh-m
24) [line 29] "AF YADI YASEDAH ERETZ, VI'YMINI TIPECHAH SHAMAYIM; [KOREI ANI ALEIHEM, YA'AMDU YACHDAV.]" - "My hand also has laid the foundation of the earth, and My right hand has spanned the heavens; [when I call to them, they stand up together.]" (Yeshayah 48:13)

25) [line 30] "YADAH LA'YASED TISHLACHNAH, VI'YMINAH L'HALMUS AMELIM..." - "She put her hand to the tent peg, and her right hand to the workmen's hammer; [and with the hammer she struck Sisera, she struck through his head; she crushed and pierced his temple.]" (Shoftim 5:26)

26) [last line] "LAMAH SASHIV YADECHA VI'YMINECHA, MI'KEREV CHEIKECHA CHALEH!" - "Why do you withdraw Your hand and Your right hand? Take it out of Your bosom!" (Tehilim 74:11)

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