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Nidah 4

1) [line 8] KEGON SHE'TASHMISHAH AL YEDEI KISUY - The cover of the vessel is removed and replaced when it is used

2) [line 22] LITLOS, TALINAN - where we can say that something else caused it, we do.

3) [line 23] CHALUDAH - rust
4) [line 27] MATLIS HA'MEHUMHAM - a worn out cloth (which can no longer be used, and is therefore no longer Mekabel Tum'ah).

5) [line 32] HA'DAF - a shelf


7) [line 5] SAFEK TUMAH BI'RSHUS HA'YACHID, SEFEKAH TAMEI - If an object is in Reshus ha'Yachid, and we are not sure if it is Tamei d'Oraisa, the Torah tells us to consider it Tamei. If it is in Reshus ha'Rabim, the Torah tells us to consider it TAhor

8) [line 6] DAVAR SHE'EIN BO DA'AS LI'SHA'EL - something that cannot be asked

9) [line 10] ALEH NIDAF - a blowing leaf
10) [line 13] SHE'HIFRIZ AL MIDOSAV - who exagerated
11) [line 31] L'CHADUDEI L'ABAYE HU D'BA'I - he asked it in order to sharpen Abeye

12) [line 35] ONAH - period when a woman usually menstruates
13) [line 37] D'ISNISAH V'LO BADKAH - she got married and did not check herself
*14*) [line 44] METAM'AH ME'ES L'ES - That is, she has the same retroactive Tumah as any other woman (according to the Chachamim of our Mishnah)

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