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Nidah 8

1) [line 1] SHE'TEMA'EN (MI'UN)
By Torah Law a father has the power to marry off his daughter who is a minor. The Chachamim instituted that if the father has passed away, a girl who is a minor may be married off by her mother and brother. If the girl desires, she can refuse (Mi'un) the marriage when she reaches puberty. (A girl who is married off by her father remains married against her will even after she reaches the age of puberty.)

3) [line 10] ATZRECHU MATZRECHINAN LEHU - we have proven that the two statements (of Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi Elazar) were both necessary, i.e. each was said with regard to a different situation

An animal is stoned to death by Beis Din for killing a person, as described in Shmos (21:28-31). After it is sentenced to be stoned, it is Asur b'Hana'ah

5a) [line 27] VERED - rose
b) [line 27] KOFER - henna; a small, thorny tree of tropical Asia and Africa, from whose leaves a dark reddish-orange hair dye is produced

c) [line 27] LETOM - an extract of chestnut or pine
d) [line 28] KETAF - the sap of the balsam tree, Commiphora opobalsamum, which grows wild in Yemen and around Mecca

8) [line 31] D'MINACH UME'AVUCH KA'SHARISU KITFA L'ALMA - from your words and the words of your father, it comes out that balsam sap does not have Kedushas Shevi'is.


9) [line 1] V'HA KASHISH MINEI TUVA - but he is much older than him!?
10) [line 3] OR YOM HA'KIPURIM - Yom Kippur eve
12a) [line 15] KATFA D'GAVZA - the sap of the trunk
b) [line 15] KATFA D'PEIRA - the sap of the fruit
13a) [line 17] IKARIN - roots
b) [line 18] PAGIN - unripe fruits
14) [line 31] RA'ASAH DAM MACHMAS NISU'IN - if she saw Dam Besulim
15) [line 34] BESULAS SHIKMAH - an untrimmed sycamore
16) [line 44] SE'OR - a very heavily fermented dough which is mixed with fresh dough to cause it to rise

17) [line 45] D'KAFITZ ALEI ZEVINA - that people desire to acquire it
18) [line 46] KOL SHE'MA'ALAH RESHUSHIN - any land that turns up small pebbles or clods of earth

19) [line 52] HIPILAH RU'ACH - she miscarried a non-entity
20) [line 54] KASHESAH - if he had labor pains

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