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Nidah 21

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Rashi 21a DH Teshev l'Zachar:
The words "Yemei *Tumas* Shivah"
should be "Yemei *Tumah* Shivah"

[2] Rashi 21a DH b'Lo Dam:
The words "v'Lo *Amar* Dam Acher"
should be "v'Lo *Amrinan* Dam Acher"

[3] Rashi 21b DH d'Tana Kama:
The words "Dam *Tahor* Hu"
should be "Dam *Nidah* Hu" (RASHASH, RAV EIZIK CHAVER)

[4] Rashi 21b DH Teme'ah:
The words "Dam Nidah Hi *Teme'ah*"
should be "Dam Nidah Hi *u'Teme'ah*"

1) [line 1] HA'SHARONI NIDON KA'KARMELI CHAI ... - wine from the Sharon which is mixed with water has the same color as wine from the Carmel mountains which is not mixed with water; (alt., KA'SHARONI NIDON HA'KARMELI - the wine from the Carmel mountains has the same color as the wine from the Sharon)

2) [line 3] B'CHOS TEVERYAH PASHUT - in a thin glass cup that is made in Tiberias
3) [line 8] V'AIDI D'KALISH - since it is thin
4) [line 10] CHATICHAH - a piece of flesh
5) [line 12] KELIPAH - a peel
6) [line 13] YAVCHUSHIN - Drosphilia, a small fly whose larvae feed on fruit and decaying plants, fruit fly

7) [line 14] NIMOCHU - they dissolved

8) [line 40] EFSHAR LI'FSICHAS HA'KEVER B'LO DAM - It is possible for the womb to open without blood coming out. When a woman gives birth, she becomes a Nidah. If no blood is found during the birth , there is a Machlokes as to whether she is Tehorah or not. Tana Kama holds that it is possible for the womb to open without blood coming out. Rebbi Yehudah holds that this is impossible; the blood must have been lost.

9) [last line] KASHESAH - if a woman had labor pains


10) [line 30] ZUGA D'MIN CHADYIV - a pair of Torah scholars from Adiabena, a district of Assyria between the rivers Lycus and Caprus; (alt., ZUZA - the name of a person)

11) [line 33] AGUR - collected together

*12*) [line 34] V'LO BI'SHFOFERES - That is, the blood must exit through the Prozdor and not through a tube, in order to be Tamei

*13*) [line 41] YESH IMAH DAM - That is, if there is blood *around* the slab of meat, outside of the slab

14) [line 42] SHFIR - the skin of the infant before any sinews, bones, or flesh are formed

15) [line 45] D'FALEI PELUYEI - it has crevices on the outside that have blood in them

16) [line 46] D'SHI'A - it is smooth on the outside

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