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Nidah 24

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

The words "*Mi* she'Yesh Lo"
should be "*u'Mi* she'Yesh Lo" (RASHASH)

1) [line 3] TIBURO - his navel, belly-button
2) [line 4] TEREIFAH CHAYAH- A Treifah is an animal with one of the 18 signs described in Chulin 42a. There is a Machlokes Tanaim whether an animal like this can live for twelve months or not.

3) [line 10] SHE'GULGALTO ATUMAH - a fetus with an incomplete skull
4) [line 12] AFKESA D'DIKLA - the part of the palm tree which sarts to branch outwards
5)a) [line 13] MUSMASIM-[the face is] mashed
b) [line 15] TUCHOS -[the face is] covered over; featureless
6) [line 25] NAFIK L'KIRYASA -they went out to the villages in the farmlands (to inspect their fields. Rashi Beitzah 9b)

7) [line 34] HA'SHESU'AH - an animal with two backs and two spines. The Malbim (Vayikra 11:4) and ha'Ksav ve'Hakabalah identify this as the Tayasau, Pekari; a pig-like animal in South America. It has four stomachs, chews its cud, and has split hooves. On the middle of its back is a split the depth of an finger-width, so that it appears as if the back and spine are separated into two parts

8) [line 36] BERYA B'ALMA - a living animal
9) [line 38] BI'MEI IMO AGMEREI - there is no living animal with two backs and two spines. Hashem taught Moshe that a mutant embryo found with these features (in a kosher mother) is Tamei

10) [line 44] SHE'SHEDRASO AKUMAH -the animal which Rebbi Chaninah Ben Antigonus referred to has a crooked spine. The words "two backs and two spines" are not to be taken literally.

11a) [line 46] DAKAH - small cattle (such as sheep and goats)
b) [line 46] GASAH - large cattle (such as oxen and donkeys)


14) [line 7] GUF SHE'EINO CHATUCH -a featureless rounded mass without defined limbs

15) [line 10] MI SHE'RA'UY LI'VRIS SHEMONAH - a child that has the potential to live eight days

16) [line 27] DEMUS LILIS -a fetus with the form of the night demon Lilith (with wings)

17) [line 28] MA'ASEH B'SIMONI - It took place in Simoni
18) [line 31] HANHEG BEN ACHICHA U'VO -force your nephew to come with you
19) [line 33] VA'HALO MI'SHEMECHA, AMRAH LI CHAMOSI - But my mother-in-law told me in your name, *Rebbi Yehoshua*.

20) [line 35] MI'PI HORAH CHANINA -Chaninah ruled according to my teaching
21) [line 37] SHEFIR - the outer skin of an embryo
22) [line 37] GENUNIM - pieces of a variety of colors (which would have matured into a fetus, had it survived)

23) [line 38] (SHEFIR) MERUKAM - skin that envelops a partially formed dead fetus
24) [line 38] SANDAL - a flat, fish-shaped abortion

25) [line 38] SHILYA - placenta (common translation); fetal membranes in which the fetus forms, which are attached to the placenta (RASHI Berachos 4a; TOSFOS Nidah 18a DH Shilya and elsewhere in the Rishonim)

26) [line 39] YAYIN CHAI - pure wine that has not beed diluted with water
27a) [line 43] SECHUYIN -transparent
b) [line 43] MESHUCHIN -rich and healthy (lit.anointed)
29) [line 45] KULIS -thigh bone

30) [line 45] PARSA'OS

  • 1 Tefach = 4 Etzba'os
  • 1 Amah = 6 Tefachim
  • 1 Mil = 2000 Amah
  • 1 Parsah = 4 Mil
31) [line 48] NANAS - a midget
32) [last line] ADA DAYLA -Ada, the attendant to the Rabbis

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