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Nidah 25

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 25a [line ]:
"k'Sumchus she'Amar Mishum Rebbi Meir"
Source: above, 21b

[2] Rashi 25a DH Hacha l'Chumra:
The words "*v'Lo* Ichpas Lan"
should be "*'Lo* Ichpas Lan" (RASHASH)

1) [line 1] PARSHTEVINA D'PUMBEDISA (a) The man named Parshterina of Pumbedisa (Rashi)
(b)The patron or governor of Pumbedisa (Tosfos in the name of Rashbam)

2) [line 3] CHARTZEI- his loins

*3*) [line 6] MALEI VASAR - a Shefir filled with flesh is the same as a Shefir Malei Mayim Achurim, but even more like a child

4) [line 7] ILMALEI - if
5) [line 9] K'SUMCHUS SHE'AMAR MISHUM REBBI ME'IR - above 21b
6) [line 20] EIN HA'KADOSH BARUCH HU OSEH OR L'ADAM ELA IM KEN NOTZAR -Hashem does not make skin for a person unless he is completed, i.e. if the fetus has skin, the mother is Tamei Leidah.

7a) [line 46] ME'OLAM LO DACHU SHEFIR B'NAHARDA'A - There was only one case where a Shafir was ruled Tahor in Naharda'a
b) [line 48] ZIG -transparent; glass-like
8) [line 51] GEVIYASO -his male organ
9) [line 51] NIDONAH KI'SEORA L'ARKAH -the female organ is like a barley kernel [which is split] lengthwise


11) [line 2] METZACHTZECHO [oil is smooth and will] polish or preserve the dead embryo, while water is rough and will dissolve it.

12) [line 16] ZEHORIS -crimson silk
13) [line 16] V'AMAR REBBI AMRAM ALAH - and Rebbi Amram qualified this

14a) [line 17] K'SHEL EREV - like the threads of the woof that run from side to side across the loom, which are thicker than the strings of the warp
b) [line 18] K'SHEL SHESI - like the strings of the warp that run lengthwise along the loom.

15) [line 20] SHE'YAS'IR -until the embryo has grown hair on itss head
16) [line 32] SHE'NIRTZAF -it was crushed
*17*) [line 37] VA'AFILU ME'ACHORAV - Even if the Sandalhas facial features only on (what looks like) the back of its head.

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