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Nidah 36

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gilyon ha'Shas 36a
The words "d'Davka *deb'Leidah*"
should be "d'Davka *b'Leidah*"

[2] Gemara 36b [line 45]:
v'I Lo Tzayis, *Garyei*
The Girsa of Tosfos was "Gadyei", with a soft Dales; (without a Dagesh,
pronounced "Gathyei" - with the "th" of the word "the" - by Yemenites)


2) [line 15] SHE'DAYAH SHA'ATAH - we are only Metamei Terumah and Kodshim from that moment on (and not retroactively)

*3*) [line 19] D'LEIKAH SHAHUS-That is the woman saw blood *within 24 hours* of the end of her Yemei Tohar (as the Gemara explains further on-see Rashi)


4) [line 1] HA'MEKASHAH, NIDAH - a woman who had labor pains and saw blood is a Nidah

5) [line 1] KASHESAH - if she saw blood because of labor pains
6) [line 2] SHAFESAH - rested/paused

*6a*) [line 4] SHE'SHAFESAH MIN HA'TZA'AR, V'LO MIN HA'DAM - this statement applies both to Tana Kama and Rebbi Yehoshuah

7) [line 9] NIDAH L'YOMA - she has the status of a Nidah for that day (and is permitted at night)

8) [line 23] SHE'CHAL KISHUYAH - that she had labour pains also on the third day.

*9*) [line 25] L'ASUYEI D'CHANANYA - see Insights
10a) [line 44] KI KA NACH NAFSHEI D'RAV - when Rav was on his deathbed
b) [line 44] AMAR LEI L'RAV ASI - Rav said to Rav Asi

11) [line 45] ZIL, TZAN'EI - go, "conceal" that teaching (make sure that Shilah Bar Avina retracts his ruling based on my teachings)

12) [line 45] V'I LO TZAYIS - and if he does not listen
13) [line 45] GARYEI - "draw him" to your reasoning (use logical arguments and proofs to convince him to retract his ruling.

14) [line 45] HU SAVAR GADYEI AMAR LEI - He thought that Rav told him to excommunicate Shilah if he did not listen

15) [line 47] DELEIKASA - from my fire
16) [line 49] ASISA D'NECHASHA - a mortar made of brass
17) [line 49] D'LO SHALIT BEI RIKBA - over which rust has no power
18) [line 50] BUCHNA D'FARZELA - an iron pestle
19) [line 50] D'MESABER ASISA D'NECHASHA - that breaks a mortar made of brass
20) [line 50] AILUHA B'CHAMIMEI, AFKUHA MI'KRIREI - Rav Asi had alternating fever spells and chills. (alt. They got him hot to relieve him from chills)

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