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Nidah 37

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 37a [line 7]:
The words "Metamei *k'Ymei* Nidah Hu"
should be "Metamei *b'Ymei* Nidah Hu"

[2] Gemara 37a [line 33]:
"Achar *Achar* l'Chulan"
See Girsa section, 33b, #3

[3] Gemara 37b [line 45]:
The words "l'Apukei mid'Rebbi *Chanina*"
should be "l'Apukei mid'Rebbi *Chananya*";
this is also the way it should appear in Rashi (RASHASH)

1) [line 1] TZAVIS LI ZEVADASA, D'LO LEIZIL V'LEIMA LEI L'RAV MILEI ILAVA'I - prepare shrouds for me, so that Rav Asi should not go first to Rav and say bad things about me

2) [line 2] CHAZU D'PARCHA ASA ME'HAI PURIYA L'HAI PURIYA - they saw that a myrtle branch was flying back and forth from one bier to the other

3) [line 9] LAI'I - in truth
*4*) [line 19] L'KORBAN AMARTI, V'LO LI'STIRAH - This is Rebbi Eliezer's statement. He is saying it with reference to the third Re'iyah.

5) [line 21] MAH GARAM LO ZOVO- what did his Zov cause? (How many days of Shivah Nekiyim were lost due to emitting Zov)

*6*) [line 23] MAI SHIVAH -that is , why did the Beraisa mention "What did the Zov *cause* him." (it could simply mention that Zov is Tamei without relating it to cause and effect)

7) [line 27] NAKTINAN - we have a tradition

*8*) [line 29] EIN LEIDAH SOSERES B'ZIVAH - That is, the Yemei Tum'ah of Leidah (7 for a male and 14 for a female), when she did *not* see blood (as mentioned later on), are not Soser the count of seven clean days of a Zavah

9) [line 33] ACHAR, ACHAR L'CHULAN - "Afterwards" means, after one undivided period of seven clean days


There is a Machlokes Tana'im as to whether a Halachah may be derived for a feasable case from a comparison to the Halachah of an unfeasable case. Abaye compares the Halachos of Yemei Nidah and Yemei Leidah, to prove that Yemei Leidah do not count towards the Shiv'ah Neki'yim of a Zavah. Just as a woman will not become a Zavah during the Yemei Nidah, she will not become a Zavah due to the blood seen during the Yemei Leidah. Also, just as the Yemei Nidah are never counted towards the Shiv'ah Neki'yim of a Zavah, so too are the Yemei Leidah not counted. This is an example of Danin Efshar mishe'I Efshar. It *is* possible for a woman to give birth while she is counting the Shiv'ah Neki'yim for Zivah. However, it is *impossible* that her Yemei Nidah could occur during her count. The days in which it is possible to become a Nidah only start after the days of Zivah are over.

11) [line 34] TUNBA B'ALMA - it is merely stupor that that seized her (so that she felt no pain);[O.F. estordison - dazing of the mind]

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