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Nidah 41

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Rashi 41a DH Hachi Nami Mistabra:
The words "midek'Tani ha'Rove'a veha'Nirba"
are the beginning of a new Dibur

1) [line 11] VELADOS KODSHIM B'HAVAYASAN HEN KEDOSHIM There is a Machlokes as to whether the offspring of Kodshim become themselves Kodesh when they emerge from their mother's womb (b'Havayasan), or whether they become Kodesh as soon as they are formed in the womb (b'Me'ei Iman) .

2) [line 18] NOGE'ACH
An ox that gored a person to death. If two witnesses saw the act, the animal is Asur b'Hana'ah and is stoned by Beis Din. If only one witness saw it, or if there were no witnesses but the owner told Beis Din of the incident, the animal is Mutar b'Hana'ah but unacceptable as a Korban

3) [line 20] NIDMEH -
An animal that does not appear to be of the same species as its mother or father, e.g.The parents are goats and it has the appearance of a sheep.


The womb is a place that is Tamei such that it will Metamei any liquid that flows through it. The liquids becomes Av ha'Tuma'ah.

5) [line 12] MADVEH - flow
6) [line 17] "YA'AN HISHAFECH NECHUSHTECH VA'TIGALEH ERVASECH" - Because your bottom/uterus was discharged, and your nakedness was revealed" (Yechezkel 16:36) Even if a piece of the womb dislodged and was discharged it is still called Ervah as if it were in its original place; therefore it is Tamei.

*7*) [line 19] ELA L'TUMAS EREV - That is, not only is blood that touched the Makor Tamei, but even if the woman herself touches the Makor as it falls from her body, she becomes Tamei.

Tum'as Beis ha'Setarim refers to an object that is Tamei that comes into contact with the concealed part of a person or object. Under such circumstances, the object cannot make a person Tamei by Maga, but it can make him Tamei by Masa. For example, if a piece of a Sheretz was found in the folds of a person's skin, he is Tahor because a Sheretz is only Metamei through Maga. If, however, he had a Neveilah in the folds of his skin, he is Tamei, because a Neveilah is also Metamei through Masa.

*9*) [last line] D'AZLAH IHI B'CHAR'AH - That is, while walking, it is very common for a woman to expel Shichvas Zera. Therefore, when the woman walks away from the Mikvah, we must assume that she became Temei'ah all over again through expelling Shichvas Zera.
The Gemara questions this assertion: If we are so sure that she expelled Shichvas Zera when she walked, then perhaps it was all expelled while walking *towards* the Mikvah, before the Tevilah. The Gemara therefore retracts its suggestion and maintains that if the woman walked to the Mikvah, she indeed remains Tehorah after the Tevilah.

10) [last line] BAHADEI DEKA'AZLA SHADISA - while she was walking, she explelled it from her body

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