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Nidah 42

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Rashi 42a DH Amar Lei:
The words "Shapir *Amar* Lach:"
should be "Shapir *Amri* Lach:"

[2] Rashi 42b DH Ifrik:
"Lo Metamya Ad Hashta she'Yetze"
The word "Hashta" appears extra

1) [line 3] MISHAPECHES - a woman who turns over (a) after Tevialah
(b) after Tashmish

2) [line 9] POLETES SHICHVAS ZERA - a woman who expels Shichvas Zera
*3*) [line 24] A'BA'ALEI KERYIN B'SINAI - This is referring to a woman who expels Shichvas Zera (and not to a man who emits Shichvas Zera) Tosfos DH mid'Achmir. The Gemara is suggesting that at the time of Matan Torah the entire camp of Benei Yisroel had a Din of Machaneh Levi'ah, where Ba'alei Kiryan (and Poltos Shichvas Zera) were prohibited from entering.

4) [line 30] KULCHU B'ROKA CHADA TAFISU - you all spew out the same spit, i.e. relate the same incorrect ruling

5) [line 35] LECHAYEI - they are good

*6*) [line 39] B'YRIDAH TEME'AH - That is, because the blood does not become Tahor through her Tevilah; therefore, it remains an Av ha'Tum'ah, and makes her a Rishon l'Tumah when it touches her. (According to this, the reason the Beraisa says "Yoledes" is that the only woman who can be Toveles immediately after seeing blood is a Yoledes. A Zavah Ketanah must wait a day to make sure she sees no blood and a Nida is Toveles at night after her seven days of Nidah. If a Nidah saw blood that night, she only is only Toveles the following day. The only case where blood before a Tevilah can cause Tum'as Erev is a Yoledes.

7) [line 40] TUM'AH BELU'AH
Tum'ah Belu'ah refers to an object that is Tamei which is inside a living creature. While it is there, the object is neither Metamei by Maga (touching), nor by Masa (carrying). After it comes out, it will again be Metamei. This is unlike Tum'as Beis ha'Setarim. Tum'as Beis ha'Setarim refers to an object that is Tamei comes that contact with the concealed part of a person or object. Under such circumstances, the object cannot make a person Tamei by Maga, but it can make him Tamei by Masa. For example, if a piece of a Sheretz was found in the folds of a person's skin, he is Tahor because a Sheretz is only Metamei through Maga. If, however, he had a Neveilah in the folds of his folds of skin, he is Tamei, because a Neveilah is also Metamei through Masa.

8) [line 41] D'ASBERIS NIHALEI - since I explained it to him
9) [line 41] V'CHARKISH LI B'REISHEI BEI MIDRASHA - and he nodded his head to me in agreement in front of the entire Beis ha'Midrash.

10) [last line] NIVLAS OF TAHOR
The only food that is Metamei mid'Oraisa only while being eaten (and *not* by touching) is Nivlas Of Tahor (a kosher bird that died or was killed without Shechitah). It is only Metamei while in the Beis ha'Beli'ah (esophagus) during the process of being swallowed. It is then Metamei the person eating it and any clothes or vessels that he is touching. (Once it is swallowed, the person remains Tamei but is only Metamei food and drinks, i.e. he is a Rishon l'Tumah).


11) [line 2] LI'TMEI - it will be Metamei
12) [line 5] SHEMA'ATIN IFRIK - [the question on] the teaching (of Rebbi Zeira) has been resolved

13) [line 7] LEIDAH YEVESHTA - a bloodless birth
14) [line 9] PROZDOR - cervical canal
15) [line 15] EIMA LI EIZI - tell me now/ tell me then
15) [line 15] GUFA D'UVDA HEICHI HAVAH - what was the incident?
16a) [line 16] SHAM'IS VELAD - I heard the child
b) [line 17] D'TZAVEITZ - cry
c) [line 17] A'PANYA D'MA'ALEI SHABATA - towards evening on Erev Shabbos
17) [line 21] OSO MAKOM - Bayis ha'Chitzon. Mentioned above
18) [line 22] BALU'A/ BEIS HA'SETARIM - see above #7

A Neveilah which is the size of a k'Zayis makes an object Tamei through Maga (contact) and Masa (carrying). At the time that a person is carrying a Neveilah, any clothing or vessels (besides earthenware) that he is touching become Tamei as if the Neveilah itself had touched the clothing or vessel.

If a person became Tamei through a Neveilah he can immediately go to the Mikvah. He becomes Tahor at sundown and may eat Terumah or Kodshim.

20) [line 52] B'KUMTO - in his folds of skin; in his armpit or elbow

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