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Nidah 45

1) [line 6] MEIZAL AZLEI V'ASU - they go away and come back
2) [line 6] ITATZUDEI HU D'LO MITATZDEI - they are not removed
3) [line 47] GO'ER (BAH) [BAM] - he refuses them
4) [line 47] MATZETZAH - he sucks it

If a person had relations with a animal, and one witness saw it, or if there were no witnesses but the owner told Beis Din of the incident, the animal is Mutar b'Hana'ah but unacceptable as a Korban. If two witnesses saw the act, the animal is Asur b'Hana'ah and is stoned by Beis Din.

6) [line 55] MA'AMAR
Ma'amar is the equivalent of the Kidushin (engagement) ceremony for a Yibum marriage (see 43b #18). According to the Torah, the Yibum marriage is consummated by Tashmish alone. Rabanan decreed that a Yavam should perform Ma'amar with the Yevamah, by giving her at least the value of a Perutah before their marriage. A minor cannot perform Ma'amar, since he cannot perform a Kidushin.


7) [line 2] NEDAREHA NIVDAKIN - her vows are checked if she realized that HaSh-m commanded the laws of Nedarim

8) [line 18] L'HAFLOS - to express [a vow to HaSh-m]
9) [line 22] CHARIFA TEFEI - exceptionally wise
10) [line 29] KAL'AH - he braided her hair
11) [line 30] KERAKEI HA'YAM - fortified port cities
12) [line 30] KORIN L'KALAYASA, BINYASA - they call weaves, "Binyasa"

*13*) [line 32] TOCH ZEMAN - "during the period of time" the twelth year (from age 11 till age 12) for girls and the thirteenth year (from age 12 until age 13) for boys

*14*) [line 35] TOCH ZEMAN KEL'ACHAR ZEMAN - That is, when two hairs grow during thisperiod. According to this opinion, everything is dependent on the two hairs and the age twelve years for girls and thirteen years for boys makes no difference. (However, according to everyone, if the hairs grew before the age of 12 for a boy and 11 for a girl, they are the result of a mole and not pubic hair - Nidah 46a)

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