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Nidah 48

1) [line 6] ERCHIN
Erech (= endowment valuation) refers to a special form of vow. If a person declares, "Erech Ploni Alay" ("I accept upon myself to give the endowment value of so and so to Hekdesh"), he must give the specific value that the Torah designates for the person's gender and age group as stated in Vayikra 27. It makes no difference at all whether the person is healthy or sick, strong or weak.

1 Mo.-5 Yrs. 5 Shekels 3 Shekels
5-20 Yrs. 20 Shekels 10 Shekels
20-60 Yrs. 50 Shekels 30 Shekels
OVER 60 Yrs 15 Shekels 10 Shekels

2) [line 17] EZKEH V'EISAK - May it be HaSh-m's will that I will merit to go up to Eretz Yisrael

3) [line 17] MI'PUMEI D'MARA - from the mouth of the one who taught the teaching (Rebbi Elazar)

5) [line 39] U'MINTAR HU D'NASAR - they fell out

6) [line 41] "[VA'TIFKEDI ES ZIMAS NE'URAYICH;] BA'ASOS MI'MITZRAYIM DADAYICH, L'MA'AN SHEDEI NE'URAYICH" - [You remembered the lewdness of your youth;] when your breasts were rubbed by the Egyptians, *for the sake of being lewd with you when the maturity of your youth would come forth* (lit., for the sake of the breasts of your youth) (Yechezkel 23:21)


6) [line 1] IKARFU - when they began to develop; alt., they became swollen
7) [line 1] ISHTADU - they became fully developed; alt., they dried up
8) [line 12] BENOS KERAKIM - girls who grow up in big cites
9) [line 16] SHE'NISHOF B'AFKARISOTAN - they were rubbed (and caused to develop) by the sashes worn by daughters of the wealthy

10) [line 19] GISESEIHEN - their sides
11) [line 23] CHAZAR L'EISANO - it went back to its normal condition
12a) [line 26] LIFNEI HA'PEREK - before the period of "Onas Nedarim," when their vows are checked; i.e. before they are 11 years old
b) [line 26] L'ACHAR HA'PEREK - after they are 12 years old
c) [line 27] TOCH HA'PEREK - during the period when their vows are checked, i.e. in their 12th year

13) [line 36] SHUMA - mole-hairs

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