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Nidah 49

1) [line 4] BA'I L'MISTEMAH K'RABANAN - he wants to teach that the Tana Kama is Rabanan, so that their opinion will be the established Halachah

2) [line 11] MIDRAS
(a) A Zav, Zavah, Nidah, Yoledes, and Metzora, all can spread Tumah through Midras. If one of the above stands, sits, lays, leans or is hung on an object that is suitable for standing on, sitting on, etc., the object becomes Tamei Midras (lit. an object that is treaded upon), otherwise known as Mishkav or Moshav ha'Zav.

(b) An object which is Midras is an Av ha'Tumah and spreads Tumah in the same manner in which it itself becomes Tamei. If someone stands, sits, lays, leans, or is hung on a Midras, he and the clothes he is wearing or any objects he is touching at the time become Tamei. After he has removed himself from contact with the Midras, the person remains a Rishon l'Tumah and does not make clothes and objects Tamei. An object that is suitable for standing on, sitting on, etc. which lies under a Midras, however, does not itself become Midras.

3) [line 13] MEI CHATAS
If a person (or utensil) became Tamei through touching a *Mes*, he must wait seven days to go to the Mikvah. On the third and seventh days he must have Mei Chatas (spring water mixed with ashes of the Parah Adumah) sprinkled on him. A person who is Tahor dips three hyssops (Ezov) which have been bound together into the Mei Chatas and sprinkles them on the person who is Tamei. Afterwards, he immerses in a Mikvah to complete his purification.

4) [line 14] PASUL MISHUM GISTERA - if it is a shard, such a hole makes it Tahor
5) [line 15] SHONIN - the Tanaim learn a Halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai
6) [line 21] AREIVAH - a basin


7) [line 1] KOFEF OZNEI KEDEIRAH L'SOCHO - he turns the pot upside down in the basin
8) [line 2] METZIF - he puts water in the basin higher than the base of the overturned pot
9) [line 4] SHOFSAH AL GABEI HA'UR - he places the pot filled with water over a cooking fire
10) [line 8] REMETZ - hot coals
11) [line 10] TORED TIPAH ACHAR TIPAH - if it continuously drips, drop by drop
12) [line 12] AL YEDEI HA'DECHAK - due to pressure
13a) [line 23] SE'AH - a container used for measuring a Se'ah 1 Se'ah = 6 Kavim 1 Kav = 4 Lugim 1 Lug = 6 Beitzim
b) [line 23] TARKAV - a container used for measuring 3 Kavim
14) [line 24] KAFAH - he turned over

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