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Nidah 52

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Rashi 52a DH va'Afilu Benah:
The words "*l'Inyan* Zenus"
should be "*ul'Inyan* Zenus"

1) [line 1] RECHANEI - aromatic spices

2) [line 5] BEN SORER U'MOREH - The "stubborn and rebellious son" and his tragic fate are described in Devarim 21:18-21. The Gemara (Sanhedrin 68b-72a) learns that the conditions necessary to become a Ben Sorer u'Moreh are so numerous and intricate that it is unfeasible for this to ever happen.
A boy can become a Ben Sorer u'Moreh from the time that he shows signs of puberty (when two hairs grow) until he reaches a further stage of development (approximately three months later).

3) [line 6] ZAKAN HA'TACHTON - pubic hair
4) [line 9] HA'SHACHOR - her pubic hair
*5*) [line 12] AVAL ISHAH, BEIN GEDOLAH BEIN KETANAH - Rebbi Yosi's opinion was that a Ketanah may even perform Chalitzah. All agree, though, that she can perform Yibum. (Mishnah, 44b)

6) [line 26] CHAVROHI D'RAV KAHANA - the fellow-students of Rav Kahana
7) [line 44] BALSHA - military troop
8) [line 48] HA'MAKIFOS MI'SAFAH L'SAFAH - [two hairs] which are long enough to span the width of Oso Makom

9) [line 49] GUMOS - follicles, cavities
10a) [line 50] SHEPUD - a spit
b) [line 50] SHEFACHOS - maidservants

11a) [line 51] BELURIS - the long hair worn by the Roman and Greek youths of the upper classes which was offered to the gods upon reaching puberty
b) [line 51] EFER MAKLEH - ashes of burned wood
c) [line 51] GEVINAH - cheese

12) [line 53] LO LISHTAMIT TANA ... - a Tana should not escape/refrain from telling us the law of Gumos

13) [line 55] "ASHER BI'S'ARAH YESHUFENI; V'HIRBAH FETZA'AI CHINAM" (Iyov 9:17) - "For He crushes me with a tempest (this word is spelled like the word for hair in the *singular*) and multiples my wounds without cause"

14) [line 55] CHIREF - spoke blasphemy


15) [line 2] NIMIN - hairs
16) [line 19] AD SHE'TAKIF HA'ATARAH - This refers to a stage of the development of the breasts (see Daf 47a and Background #19 there)

17) [line 20] SHE'TECHALKEL - until much pubic hair grows
18) [line 26] KILKUL ZEH, EINI YODE'A MAHU - I argue with the ruling that she may be Mema'enes until much pubic hair grows

19) [line 29] PARAH
A cow is invalid to be used as a Parah Adumah if it has two black hairs in the same place (Parah 2:5).

20) [line 29] NEGA'IM
(a) When a person develops a mark that looks like Tzara'as, a Kohen must ascertain whether or not it is a Nega Tzara'as. If it is indeed a Nega Tzara'as, the Kohen pronounces him Tamei, puts him in quarantine (Hesger), and returns after a week to see what changes, if any, occurred to the mark.

(b) A person who is *confirmed* to be Tamei due to the appearance of Simanei Tum'ah in the mark is called a Metzora Muchlat. The color of the hair inside the mark of Tzara'as is one of the determining factors in the decision of the Kohen.

21) [line 30] LA'CHOF ROSHAN L'IKARAN - the hairs must be long enough to bend over so that their tips touch their roots

22) [line 31] LI'KROTZ BA'TZIPOREN - to be pinched by the nails
23) [line 32] NITALOS BA'ZUG - cut with a scissors
24) [line 35] HAREI ZU MEKULKELES - this woman's situation is abnormal since she does not know when her days of Nidah end and her days of Zivah begin

25) [line 41] SHE'RA'ASAH 2 YAMIM V'CHALUK ECHAD - she saw blood two consecutive days and on the third day she wore a clean garment and found a stain on it

26) [line 42] D'LAV MI'GUFAH KA'CHAZYA - she did not see blood come out of her body
27) [line 44] ZAKANHU - defeated them
28) [line 47] AGAV ZUHAMA DAM MA'ACHOLES HU - it is the blood of a squashed louse that was attracted to the filth [of the blood of Nidah]

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