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Nidah 61

1a) [line 6] DERECH MARGELOS HA'MITAH - by the end/foot of the bed
b) [line 7] DERECH ALEHA - over the woman sleeping at the outer edge of the bed (RASHI)

2) [line 11] GAL TAMEI - a heap of stones under which there is a k'Zayis of a corpse
3a) [line 19] SELA - bedrock
b) [line 19] BESULAH - ground that has never been turned
4) [line 21] MESHULAVOS - lying in a position that they are pressed together with their legs tangled together

5) [line 26] SHIKMAH SHEL KEFAR SAVA - a sycamore tree in Kefar Saba, (a city in Shomron)

6) [line 28] GULGOLES - skull
7) [line 31] ME'ARAH SHEL SHICHIN - a cave of Shichin, a city near Tzipori
8) [line 35] MACHTESHES - a mortar-shaped cavity
9) [line 37] BEIS CHORON - the name of twin towns on the border between Binyamin and Efrayim, located in the foothills leading up to Yerushalayim

10) [line 45] BENEI GELILA - Galileans
11) [line 46] L'TAMRINAN MAR - you should hide us

12a) [line 47] CHAZU YASAICHU - people will see you
*b*) [line 48] "VA'YOMER HASH-M EL MOSHE, AL TIRA" - This matter is brought here because we learn from it how much a person must be careful with the information that he receives, lest it be to his detriment. Og informed Avram of Lot's capture with the sinister hope that Avram would be killed in battle and Og could then take Sarai for himself, as described in Bereishis Raba 42:8. (Nevertheless, Moshe still worried that Og would be victorious in the war with Bnei Yisrael due to this merit.) (TOSFOS, TOSFOS HA'ROSH)

13) [last line] SHIVAH SAMEMANIN
The seven cleansing agents that remove stains of Dam Nidah. See Background to 61b, #26.


14) [line 2] SHACHUK - worn out
15) [line 5] MARDA'AS - a pack-saddle
16) [line 9] L'SAPDO - to eulogize him
17a) [line 17] AMRA - wool
b) [line 18] KISNA - linen
18) [line 18] BAHADADI LO SALIK LEHU TZIV'A - they do not absorb dye in the same way

19) [line 19] MINTAR NATAR - it fell out
20) [line 21] GELIMEI - his coat
21) [line 21] NASKEI - he pulled it out
22a) [line 22] SHUA - combed
b) [line 22] TAVI (alt. TAVUY) - spun
c) [line 22] NOZ - woven together (RASHI) wound together (TOSFOS)
23) [line 28] B'POLMOS SHEL ASPESYANUS - during Vespasian's war against Yerushalayim
24) [line 28] ATAROS CHASANIM - crowns worn by grooms
25) [line 28] EIRUS - a bell used at parties


  • (a) ROK TAFEL - tasteless saliva; a person's saliva upon awakening in the morning after not having eaten since midnight. (See Insights to Daf 63a)
  • (b) MEI GRISIN - beans that have been chewed
  • (c) MEI RAGLAYIM - fermented urine that is at least three days old
  • (d) NESER - natron, native carbonate of soda
  • (e) BORIS - an alkaline plant
  • (f) KIMONI'A - an alkaline clay
  • (g) ASHLAG - a kind of alkali or mineral used as a soap
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