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Nidah 62

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 62b [line 3]:
"Ma'avir Alav 7 Samanim *u'Mevatlo*"
The Rambam's Girsa was
"Ma'avir Alav 7 Samanim *v'Tovlo*" (Aruch la'Ner 61b)

[2] Rashi 62b DH Taharosav:
The words "*v'Af Al Pi* she'Yachol"
should be "*Af Al Pi* she'Yachol"

*1*) [line 2] HAREI ZEH TZEVA - that is, even if Dam Nidah *had* once fallen on the garment, the mark that remains after using the seven cleansing agents is no longer regarded as blood; it is simply a "colored mark". (TOSFOS DH HITBILO, according to his second, and simpler explanation)

2) [line 4] DEIHAH - it became faint
3) [line 6] LE'ISAS - chewed-up mass

4) [line 7] CHALUKAS *NEFESH* -

(a) that has been separated from its *shell* (RASHI);
(b) that has cooked so much that it has come apart *on its own* (RABBEINU GERSHOM - ARUCH);
(c) that has separated on its own inside its *shell* (RABBEINU GERSHOM - ARUCH);
(d) chewed to the extent that is about to be swallowed in the *throat* (RAV HAI GAON ARUCH)
5) [line 8] L'CHASKES - to rub
6) [line 11] NESER ALEKSANDERIS - Neser from the city of Alexandria (in Egypt)

7) [line 11] NESER ANTIPATRIS - Neser from Antipatris, a strategic city built by Herod by the source of the Yarkon River and named after his father. It is located near Kefar Saba

8) [line 12] OHALA - an alkaline plant
8a) [line 13] KAVRISA - sulfur

9) [line 14] HOSIFU ALEIHEN (SHEVI'IS) - they added on [the following plants] to a list [of plants that have the laws of Shevi'is]

10) [line 14] HA'LEVEITZIN - bulb of ornithogalum
11) [line 14] LE'UNIN - garden-orache
12) [line 20] SHELOF DOTZ - a type of grass which is dried and ground, and used for washing hands (ARUCH)

13) [line 21] NECHUSEI YAMA - seafarers
14) [line 22] NIKVEI MARGENISA - the crevices of precious stones (alt. holes bored in pearls)

15) [line 23] RAMTZA D'FARZELA - a fine iron prong (RASHI Chulin 25a)
16) [line 24] TZAFON - (O.F. savon) soap
17) [line 27] SHENA'AN - he cleansed the stain with them a second time

*18*) [last line] SHE'HAREI HIKPID ALAV - That is, at the time he washed it, the blood bothered him. Although no blood remains by now, the garment is Tamei because of the blood that was there at the time the garment was washed.


19) [line 6] CHARASIN - pottery shards

20) [line 25] DAM TEVUSAH
When there is a doubt as to whether blood came out while the person was still alive or after he died, it is not Metamei mid'Oraisa. The Rabanan decreed that it is Tamei. There are various opinions on Daf 71 as to the scenario which creates Dam Tevusah.

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