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Nidah 63

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 63a [line 16]:
"Rov Diburo *Shel* Shalos Sha'os"
From the words of the Rambam (Isurei Bi'ah 9:38) it would appear that he
was not Gores the word "Shel" - see Insights

[2] Gemara 63b [line 10]:
The Girsa of the Rambam was "v'Rosachas" (MA'ADANEI YOM TOV #80)

1) [line 4] LO TA'AM MIDI B'URSA - he did not eat anything at night
2) [line 5] MIBA'EREV KETANI - that is, from the time he went to sleep last night until morning (RASHI)

3a) [line 12] NIM V'LO NIM - dozing, but not dozing
b) [line 12] TIR V'LO TIR - awake, but not awake
4) [line 16] ROV DIBURO SHEL SHALOSH SHA'OS - the majority of his usual amount of speech during the first three hours of the day

5) [line 20] HEVLA D'FUMA - the warm air of the mouth
6) [line 22] V'OVER SHE'YITEN L'SOCHO MELACH - before he puts salts into it
7) [line 33] AMTUYEI V'ASUYEI - one rubbing back and forth
8) [line 42] MEFAHEKES - she stretches (RASHI); yawns (TOSFOS)
9) [line 42] ME'ATESHES - sneezes
10) [line 44] SHOFA'AS - if she has a continuous flow of blood
11) [line 44] TZEMARMORES - (O.F. fricons) shivers


12) [line 1] SHOFA'AS DAM TAMEI MI'TOCH DAM TAHOR - a woman whose flow of blood regularly changes from Tahor (e.g. blue) to Tamei (e.g. red)

13) [line 4] ROSESES - trembles
14) [line 5] GOSAH - yawns

15) [line 6] L'MAH SHE'LO MANU CHACHAMIM, SHELOSHAH - for that which the Chachamim did not enumerate, she needs three

16) [line 13] KASESAH PILPELIM - she chewed peppercorns

17) [line 37] MIN HA'MINCHAH UL'MA'ALAH - from noon until sunset (RASHI);
from half-an-hour after noon until sunset (TOSFOS)

18) [line 49] KOVA'AS LAH VESES
Every time a woman gets her period, she must consider that she may get her next period on the same date in the next month. On that day she is prohibited to her husband, whether she saw blood one time on that calendar date (Veses she'Eino Kavu'a) or three times in a row (Veses Kavu'a). However, there are two differences between a Veses Kavu'a and a Veses she'Eino Kavu'a: (1) When a woman has a Veses Kavu'a, she is not Metamei m'Es l'Es. (2) According to the opinion that Vestos are d'Oraisa (Daf 16a), when a woman has a Veses Kavu'a and she did not do an internal examination on that date, but rather afterwards, even if she found no blood, she is nevertheless Temei'ah.

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