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Nidah 64

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Rashi 64a DH Tiyuvta d'Rav:
The words "Ne'esar 15 *v'16*"
should be "Ne'esar 15 *v'17*"

[2] Rashi 64a DH Lemudah Sha'ani:
The words "d'Re'iyas 15 *she'Hayesah*"
should be "d'Re'iyas 15 *Hayesah*"

[3] Mishnah 64b [at the end]:
The words "Kol ha'Lailah *Kulah*"
should be "Kol ha'Lailah *Shelah*" (This is the Girsa in Rashi (68b DH Ki),
the Rosh and the Beraisa on Daf 65a)


1) [line 5] DORKETI - a dry grape (in Greek)
1) [line 6] DOR KATU'A - a severed generation (childless)

*2*) [line 13] HIGI'A ZEMANAH LIR'OS - If she reached the age of Na'arus, during which a girl's menstrual cycle normally begins - see Chart

3) [line 25] SHE'NOCHERES - as long as the healing wound discharges matter

*4*) [line 37] L'MIV'AL LECHATCHILAH - To be Bo'el for the 2nd or 3rd time (RASHI, see Tosfos also)

5) [line 38] PIRTZAH DECHUKAH - a narrow opening
6) [line 39] SHE'MASHIR TZEROROS - he made pebbles fall down, i.e. he removes the Besulim

7) [line 43] RAV GUVREI - his skill (physiological knowledge) was great

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