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Nidah 5

  1. THE "BEDIKOS" OF A "NIDAH" OPINIONS: Shmuel rules that a woman's pre-Tashmish Bedikah cannot be relied upon (if she later sees blood) to prevent retroactive Tum'ah, since because she rushes through it she does not inspect all folds and cracks.

    1. The RA'AVAD proves from this Gemara that a woman is not required to check all of the folds and cracks during a routine internal Bedikah of the seven clean days or even during a Hefsek Taharah. It is only required to prevent her from retroactively being Metamei Taharos, not for her permitting her to her husband. The Gemara means to say that a woman who is in a rush does not take care to practice the extra-stringent Bedikah of Taharos, but only means to permit herself to her husband. Therefore does not check the folds and cracks.

    2. The RAMBAN compromises, asserting that even if we were to accept the Ra'avad's lenient ruling, we could only accept it for the Bedikos of the seven clean days. A Hefsek Taharah would certainly require a full internal Bedikah.

    3. The RA'AVAD mentions another opinion that requires the full Bedikah of folds and cracks for the seven clean days and for a Hefsek Taharah, but does not require a full Bedikah for the pre-Tashmish Bedikah, since it is only mid'Rabbanan and for a woman who handles Taharos (Nidah 11b).

    4. The RASHBA strongly disagrees with the Ra'avad, insisting that an internal Bedikah always includes a check of all the folds and cracks. The Gemara means to say that a woman who is in a rush does not perform a proper Bedikah, and she therefore neglects to check all the folds and cracks. The TOSFOS ROSH and RITVA also explain the Gemara in this manner, and Ramban himself rules this way l'Halachah. This is the conclusion of the Poskim as well.

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