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Nidah 15

  1. WHEN DOES A WOMAN HAVE A "CHEZKAS TAHARAH" TO HER HUSBAND? OPINIONS: The Gemara stipulates that the Chezkas Taharah that all women have which permits them to their husbands applies only before the time of their Veses. Once the time for their Veses has arrived, they cannot be assumed to be Tahor without doing a Bedikah and informing their husbands that they are Tahor.

    1. The RAMBAM (Hilchos Isurei Bi'ah 4:9) rules that this is only the case if the woman had a fixed time when she menstruated (Veses Kavua). If a woman does not have a fixed time for menstruating, then she does not have a Chezkas Taharah and she must check and inform her husband that she is Tahor.

    2. TOSFOS and the RASHBA (DH Hachi Itmar) disagree. They rule that even if she did not have a Veses Kavua she still has a Chezkas Taharah. The Rashba adds that had there been such a difference between women with a Veses Kavua and women without a Veses Kavua, the Gemara should have suggested that this is what Rav Huna really meant to say when he made a distinction between Veses Kavu'a and Veses She'eino Kavu'a.

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