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Nidah 16

OPINIONS: BEIS SHAMAI require two cloths for each Tashmish.
BEIS HILLEL rule that two cloths are enough for the entire night. What is done with these "two cloths?"

(a) RASHI explains that the two cloths are needed for Bedikos *before* and *after* each Tashmish. (Beis Shamai require them for each Tashmish of the night, while Beis Hillel contend that one is used before the first Tashmish and the other one after the last Tashmish.)

(b) TOSFOS (DH Beis Shamai) and the other Rishonim suggest that both cloths are needed for Bedikos after Tashmish, but one is for the *husband's* Bedikah and the other one for the *wife's* Bedikah.


QUESTION: On Daf 16b, Rav Zeira states that a meticulously observant person should not have Tashmish twice without a Bedikah in between. How does he arrive at this ruling? Beis Hillel do not require a Bedikah until after the *last* Tashmish of the night. Does Rav Zeira follow Beis Shamai in this Halachah?
(a) RASHI learns that Rav Zeira infers from the opinion of Beis Hillel that there is a *Midas Chasidus* to check for blood in between each Tashmish.

(b) RAMBAM (Hil. Isurei Bi'ah 4:17) states that even Beis Hillel agree that one must check after each Tashmish. They only argue with Beis Shamai as to whether the *same cloth* may be used for all Bedikos.

(c) TOSFOS (ibid.) claims that even Beis Hillel agree that one must check both *before* and *after* every Tashmish. According to Beis Shamai, they must prepare enough cloths in order to have two each after every Tashmish. According to Beis Hillel, however, the *same cloth* may be used for all post-Tashmish Bedikos.

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