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Nidah 21


QUESTION: In the Sugya of Shefoferes the Gemara cites two arguments between Rebbi Eliezer (Tana Kama) and the Rabanan. (1) First, when blood is found in the cracks of the lump of flesh, Rebbi Eliezer rules that the woman is Tamei. Rabanan argue, claiming that this is not menstrual blood. It is blood *of the lump*, which is Tahor. (2) Next, Rebbi Eliezer holds that even if *menstrual* blood is found *inside the lump*, the woman is Tahor. The Gemara infers that Rabanan rule more stringently; she is Tamei in this case.

It is sufficient to infer from Rabanan's statement that blood *in the cracks* of the lump is Tamei. This is in fact Abaye's position at the next stage of the Sugya. How does the Gemara know that there is a second argument, with regard to the *menstrual* blood *in the lump*? (DH Ha)

TOSFOS (ibid.) suggests that the Gemara is presuming that the Rabanan mean to argue on what Rebbi Eliezer, but on what words of Rebbi Eliezer stated *explicitly*. Rebbi Eliezer only mentioned explicitly that blood found *inside* a Shefoferes or a lump of flesh is Tahor. It was *implied* from his statement that blood in the cracks of the lump is Tamei. The Gemara therefore reasoned that the Rabanan argue with him over the status of blood inside a Shefoferes or a lump of flesh, discounting his explanation of the phrase bi'Vsaro.

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