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Nidah 37

    • Question: The Gemara rules that a Zavah may count 7 clean days even if she has Tzora'as. RASHI (DH mi'Nig'a) explains why she should count clean days is if she is a Metzora in any case: "She counts seven clean days and brings her Korban for her Zivah, and then she is no longer Metamei Bo'alah, even though she still has Tzora'as (since a Metzora is not Metamei Bo'alah)."

      As the SHA'AGAS ARYEH notes (Turei Even, Megilah 8a), the words of Rashi are puzzling for a number of reasons:

      1. A Zavah only brings a Korban to allow her to eat Kodshim. With regard to her husband, a Mechusar Kipurim (such as a Zavah without a Korban) no Tum'ah at all remains. If so, why does Rashi mention that bringing a Korban is a necessary step in not being Metamei Bo'alah?
      2. The Gemara (Moed Katan 15b) discusses whether a Metzora may send his other Korbanos with a Shaliach. Rashi (Moed Katan 16 DH Zu) rules that a Metzora may not send his Korbanos. If so, even though the Zavah may be Tovel for her Zivus while she is a Metzora'as, nevertheless she should not be able to send her Korbanos!
      3. Why didn't Rashi explain that the reason to count 7 clean days while still a Metzora, is in order to spare her from having to wait another 7 days after she becomes Tehorah from her Tzora'as? This, in fact, is the way Rashi explains that law of "mi'Zovah v'Lo mi'Leidasah" in the next line, and the way Rashi explains "mi'Zuvo v'Lo mi'Nig'o" in Megilah 8a. (ARUCH LA'NER)

    • Answer: The Gemara explains that had the verse only told us that a *Zav* may count 7 clean days while he is a Metzora, we would have learned from that that a Zavah may do so as well. Even Abaye, who requires a separate verse to teach the laws of a Zavah who is a Metzora, does so only on technical grounds (see top of 37b). Why is that so? A Zavah, unlike a Zav, is Metamei Bo'alah until after counting seven clean days. If so, the verse that discusses a Zav only teaches us that a Zav may count clean days while a Metzora. It cannot teach us that a Zavah may not only count clean days while a Metzora, but also ceases to make be Metamei Bo'alah while a Metzora?

      This may have prompted Rashi to learn that the Zavah is indeed Metamei Bo'alah while she is a Metzora even though she has already finished her count of clean days. The count may only prevent her from being Metamei Bo'alah if she is *fit* to offer Korbanos, even though she has not offered them. If the woman retains Tum'ah which prevents her from offering Korbanos, such as is the case with a Metzora'as, she is perhaps prohibited to her husband until she becomes Tehorah.

      If so, Rashi means to say the following: "The Zavah who is a Metzora'as counts seven clean days and later, after she is Tehorah from Tzora'as brings her Korban for her Zivah, and then she is no longer Metamei Bo'alah. Her count is valid even though she still has Tzora'as." (According to this approach, however, a Yoledes should also be Metamei Bo'alah until after her Yemei Tohar, since she cannot bring a Korban until then, even though she is permitted to her husband immediately after counting 7 clean days.) (M. Kornfeld)

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