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Pesachim 41

PESACHIM 41 - dedicated b'Ahavas ha'Torah by Rav Ari Bergmann of Lawrence, N.Y.

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 41a [line 11]:
The words "u'Mah Mayim she'Ein Mefigin *Ta'aman* ... She'ar Mashkin
she'Mefigin *Ta'aman*"
should be "u'Mah Mayim she'Ein Mefigin *Ta'amo* ... She'ar Mashkin
she'Mefigin *Ta'amo*"
This is the Girsa in the early printings and one of the manuscripts
(Dikdukei Sofrim #1)

1) [line 7] TZEMUSEI HU D'LO TZAMIS - the vinegar in the Charoses does not bind the flour (to prevent moisture from penetrating)

2) [line 7] CHAMU'EI MACHME'A - it causes it to leaven
3) [line 11] SHE'EIN MEFIGIN (TA'AMAN) [TA'AMO] - that do not dilute the taste of the Korban Pesach

4) [line 15] TZELI KEDAR - "roasted in a pot," when the Korban Pesach is cooked in a pot with no liquid other than its own juices

5a) [line 21] RAKIK HA'SHARUY UV'MEVUSHAL - a Matzah that is soaked in a cooked dish or that is cooked (as long as it has not completely dissolved)
b) [line 21] SHE'LO NIMO'ACH - as long as they have not completely dissolved

6) [line 29] D'SHAVYA CHAROCHA - he charred it completely
7) [line 33] AVARNIM - the Persian name for half-done (half-roasted) meat
8) [line 34] CHAMEI TEVERYA - the Tiberias hot springs
*9*) [line 38] D'KA AVAR MISHUM TZELI ESH - (a) he transgressed the *Lav* of "do not eat from the Pesach [any way] other than roasted," and is punished with Malkus - RASHI; (b) he transgressed the *positive* commandment to eat the Pesach only roasted, by eating it in another fashion -TOSFOS 41b DH Ida.


10) [line 2] LAV SHEBI'CHELALOS (a general prohibition)
A Lav shebi'Chelalos is a single Lav that prohibits many different acts. There is an argument among the Amora'im as to whether a person who transgresses a number of the prohibitions included in a single Lav receives a separate Malkos for each prohibition, one Malkos for everything, or no Malkos at all (see Insights)

11) [line 5] D'LO MEYACHED LAVEI - it is not a Lav that prohibits one specific sin

12) [line 5] LAV D'CHASIMAH
If someone muzzles an ox when it is threshing grain, he violates the commandment of "Lo Sachsom Shor b'Disho." (Devarim 25:4)

13) [line 6] ZAG - a grape peel
14) [line 6] CHARTZAN - a grape seed
15) [line 13] BENEI CHABURAH - the group of people who eat the Korban Pesach together
*16*) [line 29] BISHLO MI'BE'OD YOM - he cooked it by day, and ate it after dark (RASHI -- if he had *eaten* it by day, Rebbi would agree to the previous teaching of the Beraisa and would not prescribe Malkus)

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