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Shabbos 37

1) [line 19] 2 KIROS HA'MAS'IMOS - two stoves that are attached by a thin wall - see Chart #7

2) [line 25] AKAR - if he removed the pot from the stove
3) [line 41] LISMOCH BAH - to rest a pot next to the Kirah (when it is not Gerufah)
4) [line 43] D'KA SALIK LEI HEVLA - that the heat [of the attached stove] reaches it
5) [line 44] D'MIDALYA - that it rests on top of the Kirah
6) [line 44] SHALIT BAH AVIRA - it is cooled by the air
7) [line 45] V'NISLABSAH - and it returned to its original state of being on fire
8) [line 50] MAI HEVI ALAH - what is the conclusion with regard to Lismoch?
9) [line 51] SHE'AMEMU - that became dim (ceased to flame)
10) [line 52] NE'ORES SHEL PISHTAN DAKAH - (O.F. areste) tow; the broken fibers of flax that are separated after having been thoroughly beaten


11) [line 1] MITZTAMEK V'YAFEH LO - (O.F. restreint) a food which improves when it dries up due to further cooking

12) [line 8] ROSEM - broom, a type of shrub. The coals of broom-wood burn hotter than other woods and smolder for a long time

13) [line 17] TERAVAIHU TANANHI - we have learned both cases in the Mishnah
14) [line 41] MAREI D'UVDA HAVAH - he was a master of deeds, meticulous in his actions
15) [line 43] SHAHIN LEI - they would leave [Kasa d'Harsena] on the fire for him
16) [line 43] KASA D'HARSENA - fish which is cooked in its own oil with flour
17) [line 45] D'IS BEI MEICHA - that there is flour in it
18) [line 48] TAVSHIL D'LIFTA - a dish made with turnips
19) [line 51] LO KA'BA'I LAH L'ORCHIN - he does not need it for guests
20) [last line] LAFDA - a dish made from figs
21) [last line] DAISA - a dish of pounded wheat, grits

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