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Yevamos 16

YEVAMOS 16 (7 Teves) - Dedicated by Yaakov Wollner and family, of Baltimore, Maryland, in memory of Yitzchok Yisroel Daniel.


(a) The children of Tzaros I can testify about.
(b) (Beraisa): In the days of R. Dosa Ben Hurkenis, the Tzarah of a daughter was permitted to the brothers;
1. this proves, they followed their own teachings.
(c) (Beraisa - continuation): Sages were sent to R. Dosa.
1. Sages: What is the law of the Tzarah of the daughter?
2. R. Dosa: Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel argue on this.
3. Sages: Like whom is the law?
4. R. Dosa: As Beis Hillel.
5. Sages: We heard in your name, the law is as Beis Shamai!
6. R. Dosa: Did you hear this in my name, or in the name of Ben Hurkenis?
7. Sages: The latter.
8. R. Dosa: It was my brother Yonason, a student of Shamai. Beware! He has 300 proofs that the Tzarah of the daughter is permitted. Nevertheless, I testify that Chagai the prophet said 3 laws here.
i. The Tzarah of the daughter is forbidden;
ii. In Amon and Moav, Ma'aser Sheni (second tithe) is separated in Shmitah (the Sabatical year).
iii. We accept converts from Karduyin and Tarmodim.
(d) In Amon and Moav, Ma'aser Sheni is separated in Shmitah - many cities were conquered by Yisrael when we came from Mitzrayim, but the exiles returning from Bavel did not conquer them;
(e) The first sanctification of Eretz Yisrael was not permanent;
(f) The returning exiles from Bavel left cities unconquered to be a source of food for the poor in Shmitah.
(a) (Beraisa): We accept converts from Karduyin and Tarmodim.
(b) Version #1 - Question: But Rami Bar Yechezkel taught, we do not accept converts from Karduyim!
(c) Answer (Rav Ashi): We do not accept from *Kartuyim*.
1. This is as people say, one may not marry Kartuyim.
(d) Version #2: (Rami Bar Yechezkel): We do not accept converts from Kartuyim!
1. Suggestion: Kartuyim and Karduyim are the same.
2. Rejection (Rav Ashi): No, they are different.
3. This is as people say, one may not marry Kartuyim.
(e) (R. Yochanan and elders): We do not accept converts from Kartuyim.
(f) Question: Did R. Yochanan really say this?
1. (Mishnah): Stains which come from Rekem are not Tamei; R. Yehudah says they are Tamei, because they are converts and err;
2. Stains which come from Nochrim are not Tamei.

3. Question: Stains of Nochrim are not Tamei - even from Tarmod?
4. Answer (R. Yochanan): This teaches that we accept converts from Tarmod!
(g) Answer: R. Yochanan observed that the Mishnah holds that way; R. Yochanan himself argues.
(h) Question: But R. Yochanan says that the law is as an unauthored Mishnah!
(i) Answer: Amora'im argue on the opinion of R. Yochanan.
(j) Question: Why don't we accept converts from Tarmod?
(k) Answer: R. Yochanan and the elders gave different reasons. One said, because of the slaves of Shlomo; the other said, because of girls of Yerushalayim (that were raped by the conquerors).
(l) We understand the opinion that the problem was the slaves of Shlomo - he holds, a Nochri or slave that fathers a child with a Bas Yisrael, the child is a Mamzer.
(m) Question: The opinion that says that the problem was the daughters of Yerushalayim - what was this?
(n) Rabah Bar Bar Chanah and Chachamim argued.
1. One said, 12,000 men and 6,000 archers; the other said, 12,000 men, including 6,000 archers - when the Nochrim entered the Heichal, all others engaged in taking gold and silver, and they turned to the daughters of Yerushalayim - "They afflicted women in Tziyon, virgins in the cities of Yehudah.
(a) (R. Shmuel Bar Nachmani): "I was a youth, I grew old" - this verse was said by the world minister (an angel).
1. It could not have been Hash-m - He does not age!
2. David could not have said it - he did not live to be so old!
3. Rather, the world minister must have said it.
(b) (R. Shmuel Bar Nachmani): "The afflictor spread his hand on all its treasures" - this refers to Amon and Moav.
1. When Nochrim entered the Heichal, all others engaged in taking gold and silver, and they turned to the Sefer Torah.
2. They said, it says in here, men from Amon and Moav will not marry into the congregation of Hash-m - it will be burned.
(c) (Rav): "Hash-m commanded that Yakov's enemies surround him" - Such as Humniya around Fum Nahara.
(a) (Rav Yehudah): A Nochri that engages a Bas Yisrael, we are concerned for this, perhaps he is from the 10 tribes.
(b) Question: Why can't we assume he is from the majority of people that are not from the 10 tribes?
(c) Answer: In places where descendants of the 10 tribes are fixed (we view it as an even doubt).
1. (R. Aba Bar Kahana): "And he settled (the 10 tribes) in Chalach and Chabor ..."
2. The current names for these places are Chalazon, Chadyev, Ginzek, Chamdan and its surrounding villages.
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