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YOMA 59-88 have been dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Simcha Bekelnitzky (Simcha Gedalya ben Shraga Feibush) of Queens N.Y. by his wife and daughters. Well known in the community for his Chesed and Tzedakah, he will long be remembered.


(a) According to the Tana of the Beraisa, why should all Chayvei Tevilah Tovel on Yom Kipur?

(b) A Nidah and a Yoledes Tovel on Kol Nidrei night.
Why may a Ba'al Keri who became Tamei after Minchah, not Tovel?

(c) What does Rebbi Yossi say?

(a) In a second Beraisa, the Rabbanan and Rebbi Yossi seem to have switched opinions - the Tana Kama permits Tevilah even after Minchah, whereas Rebbi Yossi forbids it. How do we reconcile Rebbi Yossi there with his opinion above?

(b) Seeing as the Beraisa is speaking even after the Ba'al Keri has Davened Ne'ilah, why do the Rabbanan permit a Ba'al Keri to Tovel?

(c) What does Rebbi Yossi then hold in this regard?

(d) Then how do we reconcile this with a Beraisa in Shabbos, where Rebbi Yossi permits Tevilas Mitzvah even with the Name of Hashem written on his skin (even without a bull-rush tied around it) - because of 'Tevilah bi'Zemanah Mitzvah' (and we are afraid that he may not find a bullrush)?

(a) Why is the above Tevilah not forbidden because of the La'av of erasing the Name of Hashem?

(b) What do the Rabbanan hold regarding a Tevilas Mitzvah with Hashem's Name written on his skin, and what is their reason?

(c) In which context does Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Yehudah say 'Tevilah bi'Zemanah La'av Mitzvah'?

(a) The Tana of another Beraisa permits someone who sees Keri on Yom Kipur to Tovel immediately.
What is the problem with his next statement 've'la'Erev Yeshafshef'?

(b) How do we amend that statement?

(a) According to the first Tana, what is seeing Keri (be 'Ones) on Yom Kipur a sign of?

(b) Then what does the second Tana mean when he says 'Avonosav Sedurim'?

(c) Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yossi says that he should worry the entire year. Why is that?

(d) What if he survives the year? How does Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak prove this?

(a) When Rav Dimi arrived in Bavel, he said 'Meifish Chayei, Sagi u'Masgi'. What did he mean?

(b) Which Pasuk in Yeshayah hints to this statement?

***** Hadran Alach Yom Kipuri, u'Selika Lah Maseches Yoma *****

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