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Zevachim 21

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(a) Answer #2 (R. Chiya b'Rebbi Yosef): Those who will engage in the Parah Adumah (red heifer) Mekadesh in a Kli Shares in the Mikdash, then go outside;
1. (R. Yochanan): They may Mekadesh outside, even in a Chulin vessel, even of earthenware.
2. Even though we Metamei the one who will burn the Parah Adumah, he does not need a second Kidush!
i. (Mishnah): They would Metamei the Kohen who will burn the Parah Adumah, then he would immerse, to disprove the Tzedukim, who said that a Tevul Yom is Pasul for the Parah Adumah.
(b) Answer: The Parah Adumah is different - since a Tevul Yom is Kosher for its Avodah, Tum'ah does not Posel Kidush.
(c) Question: If so, why must he Mekadesh at all?
(d) Answer: It must resemble Avodah.
(a) Question: May a Kohen Mekadesh *in* the Kiyor?
1. The Torah said that he washes "Mimenu (from it)" - not 'Besocho (in it)';
2. Or, does this include even in it?
(b) Answer (Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak - Beraisa): If he immersed his hands in water in a cave, he is Mechalel Avodah.
1. Inference: If he immersed his hands in the Kiyor, his Avodah is Kosher!
(c) Rejection: No, the Beraisa taught about a cave, for it is a bigger Chidush - one might have thought, since he can immerse his entire body in it, all the more so he can Mekadesh his hands and feet in it!
(a) (R. Chiya bar Yosef): If a Kohen will offer Matirim (things that permit other things, e.g. Zerikah permits the meat), if water was in the Kiyor at the time (on the previous day) that those Matirim become Pasul (e.g. for Zerikah, sundown), he may not Mekadesh from that water;
1. If he will burn Eimurim, he may not Mekadesh from water that was in the Kiyor at the last time (on the previous day) to burn Eimurim (i.e. dawn).
(b) (Rav Chisda): Even if he will offer Matirim, the water is Pasul only if it was in the Kiyor at dawn.
(c) (R. Yochanan): If the Kiyor was submerged, we do not lift it (until morning).
(d) Question: May we infer that the water is Pasul even for Avodah of the night?!
1. Contradiction (Rav Asi citing R. Yochanan citing Ilfa): If the Kiyor was not submerged when night came, its water may be used to Mekadesh at night, one does not Mekadesh in the morning;
(e) Answer #1: 'We do not lift it' means, we do not lift it to Mekadesh for Avodah that is only done by day.
(f) Question: This implies that the water is Kosher for Avodah of the night;
1. If so, R. Yochanan agrees with R. Chiya bar Yosef!

(g) Answer: They argue about whether or not Chachamim decreed about submerging (Tosfos (Mai) - the Kiyor must be submerged all night; lest people think that it was submerged before sundown in order that one may Mekadesh from it even to offer Matirim (like Rav Chisda holds); Tosfos (Hagahah) - if it was not submerged, R. Yochanan says that the water is Pasul mid'Rabanan, R. Chiya bar Yosef is Posel mid'Oraisa; Rashi - not to lift the Kiyor at night, lest it will not be submerged again before dawn, and then the water will become Pasul (R. Yochanan really holds like Rav Chisda)).
(h) Question: But R. Yochanan taught that if a Kohen was Mekadesh to do Terumas ha'Deshen, he need not Mekadesh again after dawn, because Terumas ha'Deshen is the beginning of the Avodah of the coming day!
1. This is not difficult for Rava, who said that this is according to R. Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon - here, R. Yochanan discusses (submerging the Kiyor) according to Rebbi (some say that R. Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon says that Linah is never Posel water)!
2. But Abaye said that R. Yochanan's teaching about Terumas ha'Deshen is like Rebbi - if so, Rebbi contradicts himself;
i. Here, he decrees that the Kiyor must be submerged; there, he does not decree (after Terumas ha'Deshen)!
(i) Answer: Indeed, also there the Kiyor must be submerged after Terumas ha'Deshen.
(j) Question: If so, why did R. Yochanan say that one does not Mekadesh in the morning?
(k) Answer: He meant, there is no need to Mekadesh in the morning.
(l) Question: If so, R. Yochanan agrees with Rav Chisda!
(m) Answer: They argue about when the Kiyor must be submerged. (R. Yochanan says, it should be submerged at night, so they will remember to submerge it after Terumas ha'Deshen; Rav Chisda says, it suffices to submerge it after Terumas ha'Deshen).
(n) Question (against this understanding of Rav Chisda - Mishnah): The other Kohanim would not see (the Kohen doing Terumas ha'Deshen, it was before dawn), nor would they hear him until they would hear the wood of the pulley Ben Katin made for the Kiyor;
1. They would say 'The time has come to Mekadesh from the Kiyor!'
2. Suggestion: They heard him lifting the Kiyor from the pit!
(o) Answer: No, they heard him lowering it into the pit.
(p) Question: The pulley is not needed for that!
(q) Answer: He would lower it with the pulley in order to make noise to arouse the other Kohanim.
(r) Question: There was a man (Gevini) who would cry out to arouse the Kohanim!
(s) Answer: It is better to arouse them twice, perhaps they will hear one and not the other.
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