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Zevachim 16

ZEVACHIM 16 (25 Sivan) - This Daf has been sponsored by Rav Uri Sondhelm (of Har Nof, Yerushalayim) l'Iluy Nishmas his mother, Sarah bas Rav Tzvi Sondhelm.


(a) What Pircha do we ask on the 'Tzad ha'Shaveh' of Zar from Ba'al-Mum and Tamei? What Chumra do they possess that Zar does not?

(b) So we switch the 'Yochi'ach' from Tamei to Onan (which assumes that Onan is permitted to sacrifice on a Bamas Yachid). We still need Ba'al-Mum to counter a Chumra which Onan possesses which Zar does not.
What is it?

(c) How does Rav Sama b'rei de'Rava counter the Kashya 'Mah le'ha'Tzad ha'Shaveh she'Bahen sh'Kein Lo Hutra be'Bamah?

(d) What is his source?

(a) How does Rav Mesharshaya learn Zar from a 'Kal va'Chomer' from Yoshev?

(b) How do we counter the Pircha ...

  1. ... 'Mah le'Yoshev she'Kein Pasul le'Eidus'?
  2. ... 'Mah le'Shem Yoshev, she'Kein Pasul le'Eidus' (other than 'Shem Yoshev Lo Parich')?
(c) How will we answer the Kashya, assuming that that we do ask from Shem Yoshev?

(d) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Eikev "La'amod Lifnei Hashem Le'shareis"?

(a) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Emor (in connection with the Kohen Gadol) "u'min ha'Mikdash Lo Yeitzei, ve'Lo Yechalel"?

(b) Rebbi Elazar extrapolates it from the Pasuk in Shemini, where, in reply to Moshe's query why the Chatas Rosh Chodesh had been burned, Aharon replied "Hein Hikrivu".
What was Moshe's query? What was Aharon's response?

(c) Why does ...

  1. ... Rebbi Elazar decline to learn like the first opinion ("u'min ha'Mikdash Lo Yeitzei")?
  2. ... the first opinion decline to learn like Rebbi Elazar?
(d) Then what did Aharon mean when he said "Hein Hikrivu ... "?
Answers to questions



(a) de'Bei Rebbi Yishmael learns Onan with the same 'Kal va'Chomer' from Ba'al-Mum, as he initially learned Zar.
What will he answer to the Pircha ...
  1. ... 'Mah le'Ba'al-Mum she'Kein Asah Bo Kereivin ke'Makrivin'?
  2. ... 'Mah le'Zar, she'Kein Ein Lo Takanah'?
(b) Why can he cannot learn the warning of an Onan from "u'min ha'Mikdash Lo Yeitzei"?

(c) From where does he then learn it?

(a) If not for the 'Mah ha'Tzad', how would de'Bei Rebbi Yishmael now explain the dialogue between Moshe and Aharon?

(b) What Pircha do we ask on the 'Mah ha'Tzad'? Which Chumra do Ba'al-Mum and Zar possess over Onan?

(a) And we answer 'Tamei Yochi'ach'.
How do we then counter the Pircha' ...
  1. ... 'Mah le'Tamei, she'Kein Metamei"?
  2. ... 'Mah le'ha'Tzad-ha'Shaveh she'Kein Lo Hutru mi'Chelalan Eitzel Kohen Gadol be'Korban Yachid'?
(b) Why did we need to come on to Tamei in the first place? Why could we not answer that a Zar himself has a Heter to bring Korbanos on a Bamah?

(c) And Rav Mesharshaya learns Onan from 'Yoshev', as he initially learned Zar.
How will he counter the Pircha ...

  1. ... 'Mah le'Yoshev, she'Kein Pasul le'Eidus'?
  2. ... 'Mah le'Shem Yoshev she'Kein Pasul le'Eidus', assuming that we do accept this as a Pircha?
(a) Rava qualifies the Din in our Mishnah 'Onan Pasul', by restricting it to a Korban Yachid.
How does he learn this from Tum'ah?

(b) Why does Rava assume that Tum'ah is ...

  1. ... forbidden to a Kohen Gadol by a Korban Yachid?
  2. ... permitted even to a Kohen Hedyot by a Korban Tzibur?
(c) And why does he assume that Aninus is permitted to a Kohen Gadol even by a Korban Yachid?

(d) Rava bar Ahila'i asks three Kashyos on Rava.
What is the basis of his Kashyos?

(a) How for example, might we ...
  1. ... restrict the Heter of Aninus by a Kohen Gadol to a Korban Tzibur, with a 'Kal va'Chomer' from Tum'ah?
  2. ... permit Tum'ah to a Kohen Gadol even by a Korban Yachid with a 'Kal va'Chomer' from Aninus?
  3. ... forbid a Kohen Hedyot even by Tum'ah be'Tzibur with a 'Kal-va'Chomer from Aninus?
(b) So how does Rava bar Ahila'i conclude?

(c) What is then the extent of the Torah's ruling, when it ...

  1. ... permits Aninus by a Kohen Gadol?
  2. ... forbids Aninus by a Kohen Hedyot?
  3. ... permits Tum'ah by a Korban Tzibur?
  4. ... forbids Tum'ah by a Korban Yachid?
(d) In which case does Rava's bar Ahila'i's conclusion differ from Rava?
Answers to questions

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