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Zevachim 76

ZEVACHIM 76 - sponsored by Dr. Eli Turkel, l'Iluy Nishmas his mother, Golda bas Chaim Yitzchak Ozer (Mrs. Gisela Turkel), whose Yahrzeit is 25 Av. Mrs. Turkel accepted Hashem's Gezeiros with love; may she be a Melitzas Yosher for her offspring and for all of Klal Yisrael.


(a) What does Rebbi Shimon in a Beraisa say about the way the Kohanim eat Kodshim?

(b) Are they permitted to add spices of Terumah?

(c) How does Rabah reconcile this with his previous statement, forbidding Lechatchilah, to diminish the time that Terumah may be eaten?

(a) The Tana Kama of the Mishnah in Ma'aser Sheini forbids purchasing Terumah with Ma'aser- Sheini money.
Why is that?

(b) What does Rebbi Shimon say?

(c) What did Rabah answer to that?

(a) What did Abaye answer when Rav Yosef asked him why he did not query Rabah from the Mishnah in Shevi'is, which forbids cooking a vegetable of Shevi'is in Terumah oil?

(b) What problem do we have with his answer?

(c) So Abaye, citing Rabah, gives Rebbi Shimon's reason (for permitting it) as the fact that they were already mixed up.
What problem does Rav Yosef have with that?

(d) How do we reject Abaye's answer, comparing it to Asham and Shelamim in our Mishnah?

(a) What Kashya do we now ask on the Beraisa from 'Chatichah ba'Chatichos' in our Mishnah?

(b) How does Ravina refute the Kashya?

(c) Why does Rav Yosef disagree with this answer?

(d) What do we learn from the word "le'Ochlah" (in Behar, in connection with Sh'mitah)?

Answers to questions



(a) The Beraisa discusses a case of 'Safek Metzora Muchlat Safek Eino Muchlat'.
According to Rebbi Shimon, what does he stipulate when, on the eighth day, he brings his Asham together with the Log of oil?

(b) Where is the Korban Shechted?

(c) The Tana also necessitates Semichah, Nesachim and Tenufas Chazeh ve'Shok.
What else does the Korban require (which a Shelamim does not)?

(d) The Kohanim eat the Korban.
How long do they have to eat it?

(a) What Kashya does this Beraisa pose on Rabah?

(b) How will Rabah answer this? What makes this case different than the previous cases?

(a) And how will Rebbi Shimon justify bringing the Log of oil? What will he have to stipulate, in case he was not a Metzora Muchlat?

(b) What normally happens to a Log of oil that someone donates as a Korban?

(c) What problem does this create, assuming he is really a Metzora?

(d) How do we solve it?

(a) What does he do with the Kometz?

(b) What problem does it create if he burns them ...

  1. ... after the seven Matanos?
  2. ... before the seven Matanos?
(c) How does Rav Yehudah b'rei de'Rebbi Shimon ben Pazi solve the problem?
What does the 'Metzora' stipulate when he performs the Haza'ah?

(d) Seeing as we are talking about a liquid, why does Rav Yehudah say 'le'Shem Eitzim'?

9) In the Pasuk in Vayikra "Ki Chol Se'os ve'Chol D'vash Lo Saktiru Mimenu Isheh la'Hashem", what do we learn from ...
  1. ... the word "Mimenu", which is superfluous?
  2. ... the last two words in the following Pasuk "Korban Reishis Takrivu Osam le'Rei'ach Nicho'ach"?
Answers to questions

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